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Andino Mitrell

Donation Packages (Monetized through Bohemia)

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Approved Monetization. Packages now available.

To read more about the Bohemia monetization, the process, and what it means, check out their FAQ here.


Thug Life Package — $100

When it comes to gangs on Kelley’s Island, it makes sense to have everything coordinate. With this package, you get a customized shirt in-game as well as a customized vest. And, for your rides, your gang logo on the car of your choice.

  • Gang logo shirt
  • Gang logo placed on your vest that's already been purchased in-game
  • Gang logo on vehicles


Business Package — $150

For your player-run business in Humanity, those who purchase this package will get their billboard on their respective storefront, their logo on cars of their choosing, and a billboard placed in a populated area on Kelley’s Island. It’s a must-have for any company that requires vehicles or advertising.

  • Storefront billboard
  • Custom logo on vehicles
  • Billboard on Kelley’s Island
  • Optional: Unique named food item(s) in the name of your business - $100 (Example: Andy's House of Pastries sells Andy's Apple Pie) (6 items maximum)


Island Package — $500

For the player who prefers to live in style, this package includes a private island off the coast of Kelley’s Island, accessible via air or sea. The private island comes with a personal dock for any boats or helipad. 

  • Personal, private island made by OrgoByte and placed on the map with a placard stating their name as ownership of the land.
  • Boat dock or helipad

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To Bohemia and those that cannot read,

Seems to be some misinformation spreading around that we're giving away free housing with the Island Package, WE DO NOT give you anything that is not listed in these packages. Any items not listed are purchasable ingame with ingame money. 



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