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James Misner

James Misner - Civilian Application

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What is the first name of your roleplay persona: James

What is the last name of your roleplay persona:Misner

What is your Steam ID:  76561198018241723

What is your birth month and year (MM/YYYY) and age: 10/1997 19

Do you have your date of birth visible on your profile?: Yes

Do you have your display name set to be the same as your roleplay character name or roleplay persona?: Yes

Do you need GTA RP access?:No

Arma3: Do you have the ArmA 3 Apex DLC?: Yes

What timezone are you in?: eastern standard time

Do you understand and speak fluent English?: Yes


In at least 200 words, tell us why you want to be whitelisted for OrgoByte's Elite Roleplay Community? What will you bring to the table?

Be honest. You'll fill 200 words in no time.
I want to be whitelisted for this server so i can try out Arma 3 rolep laying/Life server i been looking for one to commit some time to and been craving something new since i’m used to role playing on Garry’s mod server like Santos RP and i had a good time on that but i want to move to a bigger map and better engine and try role playing on Arma 3 for once. I want to try something new and meet new people. I don’t bring much but experience from my past with role playing for other server and that when i played on Santos RP i was EMT so i guess i bring that with me to this community. I seen lots of Youtube videos on Arma 3 role playing server and they seem very interesting and fun so i just wanted to give this a shot to see if i like it and to maybe learn more about how it works on Arma 3 role playing servers and to further my knowledge. Even though i don’t bring much to the table in the end i just want to get more immersed in role play and have a good time. Maybe this server will be my gateway into other roleplaying server.

Give us an elite background storyline of your roleplay character(s) in at least 200 words.
Well for starter after high school i went on to seek what to do with my life so i did a lot of labor work to build up cash in the meantime. I mostly did construction after a year or so after a while I was not pleased with what i was doing therefore wanted to do something  more with my life so I try my hand at getting a desk job for some large company. I manage to get the job. My job was to teach new comers to use microsoft word,microsoft documents,Microsoft excel and all that stuff.  made some friend there. I was having a good time before the company went under and i had to move on to something new. I was looking for a new job on the internet when I came across a ad for this Island. That had lots of opportunities to make money and to build a new life with a fresh start so i bought the first plane ticket to this island. Hoping to make new friend and to make something of myself and to be finally be happy and to find something that inspire me to make a permanent stay on this island.


Did you copy and paste parts of your application from another community?:No

Do you have any previous experience in roleplay?: With arma 3 no but on other games yes.

Are you part of any other roleplay community?: Not currently

How did you find about OrgoByte Gaming Community?: through youtube such as rofcast and devildoggamer and a few others that i cant think of there names.

Do you understand it is prohibited to use the Shoutbox or any of means (Twitter, TeamSpeak) to ask about your application other than waiting for it to be accepted on the forums?: Yes

Have you read our rules and our cool-down periods for applications?:yes

Please paste the link to our "What to Expect When Applying" post: https://www.orgobyte.com/forum/topic/1288-1-what-to-expect-when-applying-or-how-to-not-get-your-application-placed-on-hold/
Please paste the link to the rules here: https://www.orgobyte.com/forum/topic/1328-community-rules-staff-hierarchy/


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Thank you for your interest in Humanity! Your application has been… 


Please connect to our Teamspeak to conduct your interview.
Thanks, OrgoByte Staff

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