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David Saltsider

David Saltsider - EMS Application

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Do you understand you must be a civilian on the island before applying for the EMS department? Yes

Do you understand you must have 2 weeks of experience on the island before applying for the EMS department? Yes


First Name: David                          Last Name:Saltsider


Date of Birth (Real Life): 02/1993       Current Age (Real Life):24


Social Security Number(Steam ID): 76561198050168426


Current Location and Timezone (Real Life): Oklahoma, US CST


Give us a brief description about yourself. (150 Words) (Real Life)

Im 24 years old currently in school full time for a bachelors in Fire Science in the hopes to become a career firefighter. I am also currently enrolled to get my EMT-Basic certification again. When I'm not in school I volunteer my spare time not devoted to work or school to volunteer at my local Volunteer Fire Department where I currently hold the rank of Lieutenant and have been there for seven years. I work full time for my County Sheriff's department as a certified detention officer for five years to pay bills and allow for some more desirable stuff. I am a avid airsoft player and travel the entire US playing national Military Simulation events from coast to coast. I do all this while struggling through a multitude of mental disabilities and  physical limitations for the sole reason that I like to help people in what ever way i can.

Why do you want to join the EMS Department? (150 Words)(IC)

I wish to join the Emergency Medical Services because I have always had the need to help people. After spending the last six years at the Sheriff's Department, I was able to see some of the horrific travesties that have plagued our great county. I have had to hold the hand of a dying individual and tell them that everything will be ok even though nobody from EMS was coming. Having to watch so many people take their last breath and not be able to do a thing about it has torn so many pieces of my soul out that I felt like this would be the best way to help me put a little bit back together. Not just for my sake, but for the number of members of this county that have had to watch their friend of loved one pass in front of their eyes because nobody was coming. 

What qualities do you possess that would help you working as EMS? (100 Words)(IC)

The qualities that I possess that would help EMS would be my desire to help the department grow and flourish with the county. My time in a supervisory position within the Erie County Sheriff's department has shown me what it takes to be a strong leader. I can bring trust, honesty, and a fair system of judgement which is something that I felt was lacking in my previous employers. I want to bring these things along with a hard-working attitude and the desire to bring the Erie County EMS back to its former glory. And I will do this with every fiber of my being.

What is your greatest failure and what did you learn from it?  (50 words)(IC)

My single greatest failure was that I made a bad decision on a tactical plan during a bank robbery. My decision caused the death of 6 deputies in the course of a few minutes. I spent sleepless nights going over everything that was done and the results, drinking my soul away to no avail. It took me awhile to realize that there was nothing I could do to change the past and I need to take this, learn from it, and move on. As angry as I felt I remembered that people still need me to be there and to do what is right, because it is right and not make a decision based on my personal feelings

Do you have any experience with being a EMS/Medic? (Rank/Where)(IC)


Can you communicate properly using the English language?


Do you intend to eventually pursue a career within the other departments? (Dishonesty will impact the difficulty of transition to department of choice):

I spend a long time within the SD and have no desire to return.

I (David Saltsider), hereby authorize Erie County Fire and EMS to conduct a criminal background and DMV check. In connection with this, I also authorize the use of the Erie County Sheriff's Department to assist the Erie County Fire and EMS in collecting and verifying such information. I am also aware that records of arrests on pending charges and/or convictions are not an absolute bar to employment, as it is at the discretion of the EMS command.

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Mr. Saltsider,


Upon review of your application for the Erie County Medical Services, we are thrilled to reach out and extend an invitation for an interview.


Interviews can be conducted with a member High Command only, or with myself.


Congratulations on passing this stage in the process, and hope to see you in the field!



Bridget Sommer

Chief Coroner

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After 2 weeks with nobody reaching out to me after completing my interview I would like to withdraw my application.

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