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  1. Best Looking Cruiser

    Some of these look real nice.
  2. Jack Duffy - TeamSpeak Tag Request

    I don't know who this man is or why he thinks he works for me. Jokes aside, yes @Jack Duffy is an employee of Erie County Motorsports & part of the Event Team.
  3. Los Santos County Sheriff - Dallas Cooper

    As long as they don't get called the LSSD, BCSD would be more appropriate
  4. EMS Volunteer Form Name: Hank Marston Date of Birth (Real Life): 04/11/1993 Steam ID: 76561198016559211 Current Time Zone: GMT Do you understand that this position is part time? Yes Do you understand that you must go through normal EMT training and be cleared by an FTO before practicing? Yes Are you a part of the Erie County Sheriff’s department? If so, what is your position. Yes, Deputy of Patrol I Hank Marston, hereby authorize Erie County Fire and EMS to conduct a criminal background and DMV check. In connection with this, I also authorize the use of the Erie County Sheriff's Department to assist the Erie County Fire and EMS in collecting and verifying such information. I am also aware that records of arrests on pending charges and/or convictions are not an absolute bar to employment, as it is at the discretion of the EMS command.
  5. Dungeons 2 Free on Humble Bundle

    Oh god yes, burn baby burn. This was my shit back when I was a kid I'm ready for the nostalgia trip. Kuklinski MVP
  6. |Barrett Sound Dump|

    Name of Barrett sound Effect: Barrett Mii Song Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0AF_VegnEhtcG1zVkJSYk1reU0/view?usp=sharing Brief Description: Mii song featuring the sounds of John Barrett Barrett's Thoughts on the Sound (If provided):
  7. Roleplay Name: Hank Marston Tags Needed: Law Enforcement Officer Reason/Proof for Tag: No longer a Special Deputy
  8. |Barrett Sound Dump|

    Name of Barrett sound Effect: Barrett Scream Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_iLwnwlrH3aVDB2WGQxNmJFOUk Brief Description: The Original Barrett Scream
  9. |Barrett Sound Dump|

    Name of Barrett sound Effect: Barrett Oh! Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_iLwnwlrH3aWWRKSGI3MVo3M1E Brief Description: Barrett Shouting "OH!" Barrett's Thoughts on the sound: "Would 'OH!' again"
  10. Roleplay name: Hank Marston Age? 23 What timezone are you in? GMT Email Address (gmail account): [email protected] Do you understand that you must have an accepted civilian application in order to join the Sheriff's Department? yes Do you understand that before applying for the Sheriff's Department, you must play as a civilian for two weeks? yes Have you read and understood the duty requirements [Deputy; Grade 001] for this position? yes Have you had any traffic infractions, within the last two weeks? If so, please list: no Have you ever been convicted of crime (misdemeanor or felony)? If so, please list and explain how long ago: no Do you understand that if accepted, your interview will take place in game? (This interview will consist of a panel of selected individuals by the Division of Human Resources & the Sheriff and/or his designee) yes Do you understand that if you pass your interview, you will be allocated a temporary position of Special Deputy until the completion of departmental certified training? yes Do you understand that if NO LOA (Leave of absence) is given, and you are not actively playing for 2 weeks, you will be terminated from the Sheriff's Department? Prior written notice will be sent by the Bureau of Administration Commander before your termination. yes Provide a DETAILED description of your most memorable role play experience (Minimum 150 words): Construction RP, performing the perfect bank robbery. we had been doing little construction RP around the county for a little while mainly in high traffic areas just so everyone could enjoy it (which most people seemed too) and once we opened up the door to get to the upper levels we decided that it would be the perfect cover for a bank robbery. keeping everyone distracted from the constant sound from the alarm going off was a little bit of trouble but somehow we managed to keep the SD attention else were whilst we gathered the tools needed to break open the vault. we decided blaming the explosion on a gas leak we got everyone to clear the area whilst we subtly emptied the vault of all the gold. most of us stayed in the area to keep check on any deputies being to inquisitive whilst one of us drove a truck full of all the gold to a house. it was just an amazing experience and everyone played along so well, even though everyone obviously OOC knew what we were doing they let us continue and finish what in my opinion is the greatest heist Erie County has witnessed. Tell us about yourself OUT OF CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): at the moment i'm taking a break from working (semi-retired if you will) after a few years working for a retail architecture firm i decided enough was enough and took a break to just relax. Got chronic fatigue from working to many hours and my body clock still hasn't really been able to adjust back to what would be deemed a regular sleeping pattern. i'm currently living with my girlfriend and my dog just living life day to day. got a lot of time to spend in the evenings on the server, and currently having a lot of fun here. Tell us why you want to join Erie County Sheriff’s Department IN CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): I've always had a history with trying to help people, probably started with my brother always helping me, after many years working as a parole officer enforcing laws and trying to rehabilitate people has become second nature to me. after hearing from my brother about the problems affecting Erie county at the present time, i thought the right thing to do was go with my brother and apply for the sheriff's department to see if i could help stem the tide of crime that was causing so much trouble in our new home. also try to help those that have previously committed crimes try to turn a new leaf. Please answer the following IN CHARACTER: You and your partner, working a night shift, respond to a possible burglary in progress at a residential structure. When you arrive, you see there are no lights on in the house, and the front door is partially open. Your partner says he/she will go cover the back of the house while you cover the front. You ask for additional units and dispatch tells you they are all busy, but will send the first available car. You then hear the sounds of a commotion at the rear of the house. You approach the back and as you look around the corner you see the following; your partner is on his/her knees, hands in the air, head bowed toward ground, pleading not to be shot. A male is standing in front of your partner, aiming your partner's pistol at your partner's head. The suspect is about ten feet away from you and does not know you are there. What do you do next? I'd hit my panic button and tell all Deputies what the situation, draw my lethal and make myself known so as not to startle the suspect into accidentally firing. my first action would be to try to deescalate the situation, try to calm down the suspect and keep him occupied. see if i can stall him long enough for back-up arrives but always be ready to save my fellow officers life in the case that the suspect appears to be about to end his life. Do you have prior experience as a LEO in this or any environment? If so please explain? (If you have any VOD’S, it would help.) No Do you have the ability to communicate properly within the English language? Yes Please paste the link to joining the Erie County Sheriff’s Department here: *** BE ADVISED *** AS A LEO, YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO MAINTAIN A HIGH LEVEL OF ROLEPLAY AND IMMERSION
  11. Faces of OrgoByte

    thats me on the left, celebrating Christmas with a couple fingers of whisky and a cigar
  12. Casual MilSim?

    Played a quick little mission last night with just a few of us, didnt take too many screen shots as i was too busy unsuccessfully trying to stop everyone from bleeding out (including myself ). but had a lot of fun. here are a couple shots of our little convoy moving in to Cherno. @John Douglas @Sean Credven @Dallas Cooper @Leium Sanchez @Randall Marcus
  13. Casual MilSim?

    Mean is defiantly the right word, the number of times you've killed me by crashing choppers haha
  14. Flight helmet

    Pretty sure the SD have these helmets; maybe make them available for everyone?
  15. Setups of Orgobyte

    have had this for about 2 1/2 years now, still going strong COOLERMASTER CM690 III ADVANCED CASE (GREEN) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Processor i7-4790k (4.0GHz) ASUS® SABERTOOTH Z97 MK1 8GB KINGSTON HYPER-X BEAST 4GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 980 240GB KINGSTON HYPERX 3K SSD 3TB WD CAVIAR BLACK WD3003FZEX 2 27" monitors one Asus & one Acer Corsair Raptor HS40 Gaming Headset Razer Deathadder Chroma Gaming Mouse Razer Black Widow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard