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  1. For the record: I had a great time here on OrgoByte. I was accepted here when I had not had any RP experience. I learned how to properly RP what to do and what not to do and had a lot of fun and great memories in the process. I met a ton of great people who I still keep in touch with to this day. Thank you to everyone who made this a great place to RP.

  2. Grand Theft Auto V RP Mod - You and Me [Character Background]

    Awesome work! Love the timelapse and cinematic effects. Very well done.
  3. [Orgobyte / Humanity] LSPD | Bike Chase | 1050 ! | Officer Sam Reeves| GTA RolePlay


  4. Thank you everyone for coming out to Today's Get Checked Event!


    Photos -


  5. Excited for the Tournament & Car Show this weekend! 


  6. Need PC/Network help pls

    Disregard i found the windows 10 upgrade.
  7. Loving the new updates today created some great RP: We had our first boxing match, fires and dancing! - playlist of a few video highlights from today 


    1. John Barrett

      John Barrett


  8. Get Check'd will be hosting a Checkers tournament & Car Show 

    Saturday 5/27/17 from 5pm EST (Start time may vary based on Community Meeting)- Till completed 
    Entry to the tournament is complexly free . To enter all you need to do is show up at Get Check'd located in Oceanside shortly before the start time and speak with Kalix Quinn or Dave Wingood to be entered on the list to compete. You can also reply to this event post before the event if you are 100% sure you will attend the day of.  The tournament will be held after the community meeting is completed (start times may vary based on community meeting). 

    During the Tournament there will also be a Car Show next to Get Checked. 
    Bring your favorite / best cars to the show! Get Checked will be Raffling a one of a kind custom Get Checked Mercedes 

    Music & Entertainment by:  Club Humanity 
    Food Catering provided by: Stogies
    Party Favors provided by: Rollin Doobies 

    Competitors will go head to head to win.
    Prizes will be given to the top 3 finalists.  
    Custom victory checker chips will be given to the top 3 winners.
    Custom checker chips will be available for purchase. 

    Get Checked Tournament Cash prizes are as follows:
    1st Place: $750,000
    2nd Place: $500,000 
    3rd Place: $250,000 

    Get Checked Raffle: $250,000 
    Get Checked Car Show Raffle: Custom Get Checked Mercedes 

    Sponsors & Prizes:
    Stogies : $250,000 - Raffle
    Smokin Barrels: Sniper Rifle & Ammo - Raffle

    There may also be vehicle or other prizes provided by business  and personal sponsors.
    Business owners or individuals  if you are interested in sponsoring the event please contact Dave Wingood or respond to this event post. 

  9. I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can so I can
    Watch you weave then breathe your story lines .


    1. Craig Evans

      Craig Evans

      I like this


  10. Dave Wingood - Donator Teamspeak & Forum Request Form Name: Dave Wingood TeamSpeak / Forum Tag Requesting: Donator Reason: I am a donator for the Business Package Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable): Like this
  11. Happy and dramatic season ending to another #OrgoByte season ! https://clips.twitch.tv/HelplessShortRavenPipeHype


  12. Dave Wingood - Forum Tag Request Form

    Dave Wingood - Donator Forum Tag Request Form Roleplay Name: Dave Wingood Tags Needed: Donator Section on Forums Reason/Proof for Tag: I have donated for the business package:
  13. Another great Tournament today. Special thank you to my employee Kalix for really helping out on his first Event. TheTournament results: 1st Vinny Mandell, 2nd David Saltsider, 3rd Sasha Ivanov :D
    We appreciate everyone that stopped by and those who participated! We had a record breaking 26 competitors in The Tournament :o  In addition, special thank you to the businesses who
    contributed prizes: ECAA, Stogies, Knight Industries, KIC, and Vipers Car Club
    Till next time! 

  14. Get Checked Checkers Tournament has been postponed to Monday 4/3/17 from 6 pm EST - Till completed 

    1. Keith Knight

      Keith Knight

      Ah Ok bud sounds good :)