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  1. Dark And Light

    I have it but I am too lazy to start another character.
  2. Thank you for contacting me. I have been out of town the last couple of days, I am still interested. @Robert Cooper
  3. Chip Rossberry - Forum Tag Request Form

    Roleplay Name: Chip Rossberry Tags Needed: Support Team Reason/Proof for Tag: The Sync does not love me
  4. Chip Rossberry - Forum Tag Request Form

    Roleplay Name: Chip Rossberry Tags Needed: Civilian and Streamer Tags got removed when I was given the support team trainee tag on ts
  5. Duct Tape and Tampons - Revive as an LEO

    I just watched that video of yours lmfao. I completely agree!
  6. Roleplay name: Chip Rossberry Age? (must be 18 years of age) 18 What timezone are you in? EST Do you understand that you must have an accepted civilian application in order to become a cop on our GTA 5 RP server? Yes Do you understand that before applying for a cop whitelisting, you must play as a civilian for two weeks? Yes Do you understand that if accepted, your interview can take place in game? (This interview will consist of a panel of selected police officers and/or designee) Yes Do you understand that if NO LOA (Leave of absence) is given, and you are not actively playing for 2 weeks, you will be terminated from your cop whitelisting? Yes Provide a DETAILED description of your most memorable role play experience (Minimum 150 words): My most memorable moment in a role play situation would have to be when I was a cop in A3l. My partner and I got kidnapped by the suits. Before I became a cop I was a part of the suits and they did not know that I became a cop. Thought this time we tried to talk them down but they were pissed and trying to get money out of us. I was very surprised that they did not harm me however my partner got the rough end of the stick. The decided to get to me through hurting others and lets just say they cut off my partners... u know baby makers... and then gave him a large pair of titties. Ever since that day we make fun of my partner, however I made sure I got revenge by arresting each and every single person that was a part of that hostage situation. Tell us about yourself OUT OF CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): I am in college currently majoring in neuroscience then I am going to get my masters in Bio Tec. I am from the great white north however I moved to Florida a couple of years ago. I love to snowboard (but I cant do much of that anymore sadly.) My current hobby is photography, I love to capture photos that are unique and different than other photos. On my free time I travel and play games, my all time favorite is Arma 3, I have never been able to get sick of it. The best place I have ever traveled to was Belize. I was a huge star wars fan when I was a kid. My favorite kind of music is EDM and my favorite artist is Martin Garrix. However I will listen to anything but country music. I played hockey all my childhood and my favorite NHL team would have to be the Minnesota Wild. Tell us why you want to join Los Santos Police Department IN CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): I am a man of the law. Now we all know that the cars look amazing but thats not the reason why I want to join the police department. I personally want to uphold the law to the highest standard. I have been hit, stabbed, and even shot out on the streets of Los Santos. I come from a family where we dont give up. I will make sure that those people who stabbed and shot me will receive the long stick of the law. I consider myself a strategist and I can easily come up with a strategy on how to take down a suspect in the matter of seconds. Please answer the following IN CHARACTER: You and your partner, working a night shift, respond to a possible burglary in progress at a residential structure. When you arrive, you see there are no lights on in the house, and the front door is partially open. Your partner says he/she will go cover the back of the house while you cover the front. You ask for additional units and dispatch tells you they are all busy, but will send the first available car. You then hear the sounds of a commotion at the rear of the house. You approach the back and as you look around the corner you see the following; your partner is on his/her knees, hands in the air, head bowed toward ground, pleading not to be shot. A male is standing in front of your partner, aiming your partner's pistol at your partner's head. The suspect is about ten feet away from you and does not know you are there. What do you do next? As I see this man I armed, I thought about telling dispatch that an officer was being taken hostage, however I knew that my partner had his radio on him and that the robber would hear me talk over the radio. I thought about shooting the man in the head but it was too risky due to the fact that my partner was right in front of him. Then I remembered that I had a phone on me. I called 911 and whispered that this is officer C.Rossberrry and that my partner is currently taken hostage at that neighborhood. I had no other option but to confront the guy as he was getting really frustrated at my partner. I waited until the right moment when he stepped a couple of feet away from my partner and then I announced my self. "This is the LSPD put your hands up now or you will be shot!" He made a sudden jerk towards my partner almost like he was getting ready to shoot him (he had his gun at his side at first.) Unfortunately I was forced to use lethal force on the guy. I immediately alerted dispatch and called EMS. He latter passed away in the hospital. My partner resigned and has a couple of children now. Do you have prior experience as a LEO in this or any environment? If so please explain? (If you have any VOD’S, it would help.) I have been an LEO in lakeside for over two years, within that time the departments I was in are as followed, DOC, Police Department, Highway Patrol, Swat, DTU, Swat then I moved to Los Santos http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198095517027/screenshots/ https://gyazo.com/5f48507837d94e18875486e1f9a79e56 Do you have the ability to communicate properly within the English language? Yes
  7. Gas, Hunger/thirst, repair - Chip Rossberry

    My entire car was destroyed and they would not repair it. So I did slightly tap a pole and the car would not turn on lmfao.
  8. Gas, Hunger/thirst, repair - Chip Rossberry

    No the mod shop does not allow you to repair your car most of the time. Its bugged out and thats why a command like /repair would allow you to repair your car. This would take a little time just like it does in arma.
  9. Type of request: Game If Game: Vehicle / Game Description of request: To add fuel level to cars and more realism into the game with hunger and thirst. A repair function would be nice due to the fact that the los santos customs does not allow you to repair your car 80% of the time. If applicable, link to public release: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-hunger-thirst-hud-v0-3-3-added-inventory-and-food-shops/20672 https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-frfuel-v1-0-1/5467 I have not found a repair script yet but I am still looking. If from non-public release, here's screenshot to written permission: How would this mechanic be implemented? Just follow the instructions on the links Would you be able to assist in its implementation? I do not have experience with gta mods. Has this ever been done before in GTA? Gas, Hunger/Thirst, and repairing has been done in multiple community Please post prior version link, if applicable: I understand that OrgoByte does not steal content and the information above does not pertain to stealing another author's content: Chip Rossberry
  10. Features

    Yes but who drives in first person? It can bring more rp in for cops when they pull over civilians.
  11. Features

    We need to add a speedometer, blinkers, radar (for cops) to cars. We also need to add a command to rob people who are on the street using something like /stealcash. You should make it so the numbers are not there they get really annoying because they are in such a large text font. Thats what I would like to see implemented.
  12. Arma 3: Humanity Life Mod - Chip Returns [EP32]

    Lol, you missed the epic part of me ramming the cop!
  13. Chip Rossberry - Forum Tag Request Form

    Roleplay Name: Chip Rossberry Tags Needed: Streamer Tag Reason/Proof for Tag: https://www.twitch.tv/sasquatchsbuddy
  14. Chip Rossberry - Forum Tag Request Form

  15. Chip Rossberry - Forum Tag Request Form

    Roleplay Name: Chip Rossberry Tags Needed: Civilian Reason/Proof for Tag: If you can also whitelist me that would be great!