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    Computers, being lazy, shooting cops, long walks on the beach
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    Attor Al Ghul
  1. I never said anything of the sort, just that prices should be more reasonable. Would you rather have everyone be millionaires?
  2. Considering in the amount of time a store robbery takes you can get about 20k worth of copper, I think it should be increased. Although I believe the economy should be rebalanced and maybe even wiped to do it since we are still early in. We should be using realistic amounts for money imo a peice of copper should be like $50, a bag of weed should be $100, truck jobs shouldn't give 30k a run but instead like 4-5k (if weed were $100 per that'd be $6'400). A simple car should cost 10k not 120k, a light machine gun shouldn't be cheaper than an assault rifle but also shouldn't cost 120k, more like 45k, and an ar more around 15k. Stores could then be 3k still and that'd be a decent amount of money considering it wouldn't have process times etc, and a banks 20k reward would actually be worth it at these prices too.
  3. If you've notified someone that you yourself are placing the items back in their pack then due to mechanics they run while unrestrained I'd personally deem that FailRP for them. It wouldn't be hard to actually make leg shackles, but then there is a huge potential abuse for an item that practically makes someone immobile indefinitely.
  4. The thing is, we can use the helicopters for aerial shots, jeeps for moving shots, and have multiple cameras around, there is a lot of RP potential for this with in game businesses and for player interaction, and almost seems like a waste to me to do it out of game. You may not be able to catch as good of angles and such, but it'll make it feel much more real.
  5. We've already done a lot of filming on the main server, if i do this there is no way in hell I'm doing it where people can't remember being part of this amazing piece of roleplay.
  6. Of course full cooperation will be needed with the SD and EMS to make sure no one is hurt etc, but this script sounds amazing to me! and I cant wait to start filming it!
  7. Wheres the fun in that? Filming it IC with other random stuff going on just makes it that much more genuine.
  8. Only problem with this Joe is that farming taksmaster is now up north, going to have to change this scene up a bit.
  9. Already got a person picked out to run from the cops, he's going to do the role so well almost as if he does it all day long @Mark White professional actor
  10. My talented TV crew will get on it Joe, you can count on us.
  11. Attention Humanity Players! If you have an accepted business that has yet to have your stand placed at your building then send me a PM and I'll get working on it. If you have any items those will also be added, and if you have purchased the items package then I will add those as soon as possible. Signs, billboards, and other donation benefits will be added at due time by the map developers when they get around to it.

  12. It is really annoying to clear half a bandit camp just to have the guards at the entrance respawn and attack from behind.
  13. What is the first name of your roleplay character? Attor What is the last name of your roleplay character? Al Ghul What is your Steam player ID? 76561198084004873 What is your birth month and year (MM/YYYY) and age? 23/10/1997 : 19 Do you have your date of birth visible on your profile? Yes Do you undestand that your display name in game needs to be the same as your roleplay character name? Yes What timezone are you in? PST Do you understand and speak fluent English? Yes In at least 200 words, tell us why you want to join OrgoByte Exiles? What will you bring to the table? I have been a part of the OrgoByte community for near a year now and I love the roleplay standard that is here. I love to play games like Ark, Rust, and 7 days to die so Conan seemed right up my ally. It seems like a very interesting game and i know that with the standard of RP here that I won't be dissapointed. When I first heard about it i had no idea what the hell this new game was, and didn't even expect Orgo to host a server for this brand new game. I like to think of myself as a respected member of this community so I felt like it would be a good way to start out in this new game knowing practically nothing about the Conan universe other than barbarians and savagery. What will I bring to the table? Well I'll bring my standard of roleplay, and unique style to the server. I will make sure to encourage a fun environment for all those that surround me as always. I will be sure to have new RP and bring new and better storylines to the server. Essentially I hope to bring a fun and enjoyable experience to the new server. Give us a background story of your roleplay character in at least 200 words. (Clan backstory) Clan Al Ghul was once a proud and prosperous group of people. Long ago they were a peaceful people, but then a rival tribe attacked and killed most if not all of the Al Ghul. The remaining survivors deemed there old ways to be too weak to survive in this dangerous world so the turned to a great and powerful God, the one named Set. Set is the god of sacrifice, pain and punishment. The Al Ghul believed this God would make them strong and force them to adapt or die. They became strong and devoted their lives to their saviour Set. They began fighting back against the tribe that murdered their families, and nearly succeeded in killing them all, children and women alike, until one fateful night. The Al Ghul attacked a small settlement, but it ended up being an elaborate ambush, and they were trapped in a small hut. They had to fight their way out of a horde of angry tribesmen and all but a few Al Ghul survived. Those that did survive turned to an age old ritual performed by the most ancient of Set worshipers, putting themselves through the ultimate test of strength, laying on the sacrificial altar, and bleeding themselves to near death feeding their beloved God with their own blood. As a final sacrifice, the males made the final great sacrifice, they cut most of their manhood clean off to show for their failure to redeem their tribe. Among one of the few surviving Al Ghul was Attor, a giant of a man. He was severely injured in the recent battle, but for some strange reason, after bleeding himself for Set he felt re-invigorated and full of life. He was the first of the surviving Al Ghul to regain his strength and face the approaching tribesmen who had a burning rage in their eyes. He grabbed his signature axe and began to tear away when the tribesmen came within reach, defending the altar with every last breath. Attor fought for as long as he could, noticing his brothers emerge during the fight to battle for their pride. Sadly, the Al Ghul were defeated once more by a overwhelming horde of rivals, and those that did not succumb to their wounds were bound and exiled into a barren wasteland. Attor remembers the journey vaguely, the crossing from deep forest into barren heat-blasted desert. The occasional stop at small oases to refill, and of course the daily beatings that they had to endure. Fortunately for the Al Ghul, they were used to beatings and pain. Attor awoke in the new lands full of rage and anger, he needed to find his brethren and show this land what the true meaning of pain and sacrifice is. Did you copy and paste parts of your application from another community? Nope Do you have any previous experience in Conan Exiles roleplay? Not with Conan Are you part of any other roleplay community? Nope How did you find about OrgoByte Exiles? By Andino himself Do you understand it is prohibited to use the Shoutbox or any of means (Twitter, TeamSpeak) to ask about your application other than waiting for it to be accepted on the forums? Yup Have you read our rules and our cool-down periods for applications? Yes Please paste the link to our "What to Expect When Applying" post: Please paste the link to the rules here:
  14. Ah fuck it here goes: https://gyazo.com/36891b74bd53b0cb05fb2be80049b97f Couple years ago at my high school grad....not much has changed though
  15. I used to be a Head Admin for a rust community, still even have the rcon and everything needed for the server logs on my end. Used to do server events, and have admin built "raid bases" that were essentially the end game (it was a majority non-pvp server). As for mods I even got experience setting them up etc so if down the line they ever wanted to do that I would be glad to help!