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  1. Faces of OrgoByte

    Don and Krow finally meet!
  2. Robbery Rewards/Time

    Glad that's the only takeaway from my post. But you jump to conclusions and don't bring into consideration that; my character before I designed my current one was a gun for hire, a mercenary, bodyguard, hit man. A offer of money was given, a offer of money was accepted. The man bounced half way through, so my character assumed he was ditching paying him (though I knew why he left) so bad I continued to play as said character, it would have begun a storyline of tracking down the man who bailed before paying. I'm hoping that's creative enough?
  3. Robbery Rewards/Time

    Store robberies feel sooooooo long, and I've had times where cops didn't even show up! The server had about 18 people on it, and someone I met was doing a bank robbery, and I decided to help for a split. We ended up just leaving because no one showed up. Also, please make the robbery radius a BIT bigger, it puts the criminal at such a disadvantage to be stuck in the back room. As for gas stations, my family owns two chevrons, and I've seen as little as $300 in the safe, to almost $10k. That being said chevron isn't the average gas station, it's also a uhaul hub, liqueur store, so take that with a grain of salt.
  4. Prison

    I like how it's done in arma, the arresting officer usually watches them. Unless you want ever criminal arrested to be airevaced by their buddies, you're gonna want to have a guard for the facilities. Get creative, make the inmates perform manual labor, have riots break out (npc code?) Make a schedule block like workout period or shower block. Guard duty doesn't have to be just sitting there if you're a good roleplayer. This game shouldn't be about who wins or who loses; what's a hassle and what's easy, this game is about creating memorable roleplay, and no great things are done without great difficulty.
  5. Interiors- Lucas Carter

    Type of request: Game If Game:Game Description of request: Enterable buildings with well built interiors and working doors. If applicable, link to public release: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors How would this mechanic be implemented? Installing onto the server repository? Would you be able to assist in its implementation? no. Has this ever been done before in GTA? yes. Please post prior version link, if applicable: I understand that OrgoByte does not steal content and the information above does not pertain to stealing another author's content: Lucas Carter
  6. Gas, Hunger/thirst, repair - Chip Rossberry

    needing to eat food? yeah, i could imagine someone getting kidnapped and dropped int he middle of the dessert (blane county) and having to make it to civilization before they starved to death.
  7. Duct Tape and Tampons - Revive as an LEO

    So long as it isnt abused (You just shot the man three times in the chest and you slap him and suddenly hes all better) then I agree completely.
  8. Prison

    thats a pretty great was to make people not want to pursue crime RP. If getting caught means my RP time is over during the time im in jail, then i would rather have a shootout then surrender peacefully. however, if you added NPC inmates, that might be a different story.
  9. Better hospital

    Most of us use the custom player model, when you sign on it changes your cloths automatically
  10. Paramedic krow has already ended as many lives as he's saved.

  11. Features

    Well like I said, there is a speedometer at the bottom right. Though a radar would be nice, as would the ability to escort player with the ambulance/police cruiser.
  12. Prison

    I still think there should be an officer on prison duty so the criminal can RP
  13. Better hospital

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors I know this is a SP Mod, but maybe it could be converted? It would be good for more than just a hospital.
  14. Features

    I think it should be like the ticket system, a message will pop up "A person is mugging you, give them some cash or they might shoot you! Yes/no" when the function is used Also a speedometer is present at the bottom right of the screen, and all vanilla cars have a working speedometer in first person.
  15. Better hospital

    While the current location of the EMS station is quite nice with it's parking garage, I believe that the hospital with accessible insides would be a better choice, as I believe it also has a helipad so we don't have to keep getting SD to pull the air ambulances out. I'm unsure of its location but I know it does exist.