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  1. Someone posted a ELS fivem addon at some point. not sure how well it works but we might try it out in the next few weeks. Ben is off for school right now so probably wont be for a few weeks.
  2. The only hospital interior is a damaged one at Pillbox.
  3. No thank you.
  4. Restarts are every 3 hours. There's no set time though because theres nothing out there to do that yet. So when the server restarts set a watch for 3 hours.
  5. Once the server is being used more we will exercise adding new departments. We also have to figure out how to separate the clothing for different departments and sign in and such.
  6. I really didn't want to restrict every aspect thats why we inherited all the general RP rules from Arma because Elite RP is Elite RP. What's confusing so I can do that.
  7. We've changed around shops and banks for increased roleplay. We've disabled some places that were robbable and added in some new ones that would increase immersion. Enjoy.
  8. Done
  9. If anyone has any feedback on the changes we've made lately in GTA or Arma please post! (GTA) Do you like how the bank robbery locations have changed and the store robberies have changed?

  10. Added Vangelico Fine Jewelry to Robbable stores Added a module that will kick players that get instanced on the server by themselves. Removed AFK kick Added some teleports to get to different spots of the party yacht To get a job you must now visit the Arcadius Business Centre
  11. Added the following interiors for more roleplay LOMBANK West (west side of town near Maze bank west) Arcadius Business Centre (huge skycraper in the city) Maze Bank Building (Skyscraper with cube in front) Maze Bank West (Across from Bahama Mamas)
  12. Added new clothing store Added new modern clothing store Added new import car shop Increased the number of rehab sessions Adjusted Crack/LSD prices based off how many cops are online.
  13. Removed smaller banks from robbable Added Pacific Standard Public Deposit to robbable You can no longer deposit money into banks that are robbable. Travel to a $ icon to deposit your funds. Added Impala to cop cars garage
  14. After restructure everyone was removed from EMS. If you'd like to reapply please fill out an app or talk with Bridget Sommers.
  15. Added some points of interest to the map for RP reasons. Some are marked for RP, some as safehouses, some are "points of interest". All great places for storylines! Also re-added the Comedy Club to the map. BEWARE THE WALLS HAVE NO CLIPPING (game flaw) DO NOT MAKE A BUG REPORT! Please use it for your RP fun and content creation!