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  1. Post your steam usernames

  2. Pets of Orgobyte

    My cat Azuki <3
  3. Tony Alberto - Forum Tag Request

    Title: (Roleplay Name) - Forum Tag Request Form Roleplay Name: Tony Alberto Tags Needed: Support Team Reason/Proof for Tag: Waiting for Forum Tags on Teamspeak is not a reason/proof. Finish my training for Support team, it was announced by Tony Ace
  4. Benny's Original Motor Works suggestion

    + 1 this like hell because I want my anime Sultan RS like I have on GTA Online lmao
  5. Political Parties?

    There is a City Council but how ever there is really no party like Democrat or Republican. it is touchy subject when it comes to that. most Council are based on what faction they are in the server such as Sheriff Dept., EMS, Mafia, Cartel, or being a free and for the people. There was one member who tired to start a Communist party but it failed because there was the "Leader" was a known criminal and didn't get far.
  6. Faces of OrgoByte

    Though i'd post another picture of me :^) ignore my neckbeard also
  7. Faces of OrgoByte

    you look so different than what I pictured in my head
  8. Video Editing

    Was this because of my terrible edited video?
  9. An idea

    sounds like it would be a Private Military Company which doesn't fit the server and i'm aware that PMCs also do security in the U.S. and Ect. but I think it would turn into a problem and militarized company because we already had a PMC or Private Security before and it was mess and I can see the same thing happening again.
  10. RwV2cb0.jpg 

    My Pillow :^) 

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    2. Jeffrey Adams

      Jeffrey Adams

      Again, Im Disappointed Bayley 

    3. Lucas Carter

      Lucas Carter

      I approve, but whats on the other side? ;)


    4. Craig Evans

      Craig Evans

      Krow would know about the other side...

  11. My little brother's first big interview (Pro MMA)

    thats really amazing
  12. I flew over Kelleys Island

    i can see myself
  13. Scenic shots of kelly's island

    Kinda looking for a shot in the day of Union city so I can put a aesthetic 80s overlay on it
  14. Scenic shots of kelly's island

    Anyone have any good scenic shots of the island in good graphics so I can use in a edit for a new upcoming YouTube series I got planned? I would take it but I'm busy for xmas anyway the series will be Erie County vice which will be based off 80s tv shows and movies
  15. Needing some Help

    Tbh I think your banner looks really good already, also love how you added Revy from Black Lagoon on there also lol.