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  1. Post some of your good memories!

    https://gyazo.com/58879f2f6cb40096b234b8cc33f7217e This was the first house i bought and lets just say i wanted character in it xD. https://gyazo.com/7685cfecd6954fb4945451a724acc48f ERU saluting some dead deputies. https://gyazo.com/798471ab2ab14c9e94b5580e289fc80f A 10-80 that ended under the bridge https://gyazo.com/75e63ab47393dd61679eaa3a97d3900f @Randall Marcus arriving at the prison https://gyazo.com/f0a63e89c4acb5189a470198c326e5b7 Det. turner being handed into the marines https://gyazo.com/0e97391c96fb098b0fade7053bdb1dcb me and @Randall Marcus doing some jumps on dirt bikes xD https://gyazo.com/530f7c6aa181ac1a208bc65dd91493dc @Bridget Sommer showing us that there are no barriers where a car shouldn't hit https://gyazo.com/fc49e5d81100311c4a1c90b75dd8268c A community meeting where things got interesting xD I had a lot more but i didn't wanna make a spam post. I had a lot of great rp moments here , all that i will remember. From the time i took @Axel Stark and some other deputies for a ride around the training course , which didn't end so good ... xD to the time i use to take people sky diving which also didn't end up too well it seems that every time i played i had a memorable moment be made. A lot of great times with some great friends who i hope to keep for a long time. Was fun guys <3
  2. TeamSpeak descriptions

    Since there will be different names in GTA than in ArmA , it is now required for you guys to have your profile link in your TeamSpeak descriptions. This will make it a lot easier to identify people
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  5. EMS Volunteer Form Name: Tony Ace Date of Birth (Real Life): 09/24/99 Steam ID: 76561198069651808 Current Time Zone: EST Do you understand that this position is part time? Yes , i understand Do you understand that you must go through normal EMT training and be cleared by an FTO before practicing? Yes , i understand Are you a part of the Erie County Sheriff’s department? If so, what is your position. Yes, i am a Detective. I Tony Ace , hereby authorize Erie County Fire and EMS to conduct a criminal background and DMV check. In connection with this, I also authorize the use of the Erie County Sheriff's Department to assist the Erie County Fire and EMS in collecting and verifying such information. I am also aware that records of arrests on pending charges and/or convictions are not an absolute bar to employment, as it is at the discretion of the EMS command.
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    Had a great time meeting you !!! had a lot of fun exploring
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