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  1. Completed.
  2. Completed.
  3. Completed.
  4. Done.
  5. Is the frayed part of the cable close to any other cables like you monitors, computer power cable, etc? If it is try moving it away from other cables or just buy a new one. You could be getting EMI with the frayed part of the cable. It's a bigger issue in large scale networking setups, but still a possibility.
  6. Support Requests - We've enables support requests for bug reports to test whether they will work for us. This feature may be disabled in the future. This feature has been removed as it does not fit our needs.
  7. I've never even heard of this game before... Does that make me a outsider?
  8. Change Logs - Recoloured the active change log cell to match the main body colour
  9. Social - Twitter and Steam buttons have been added to access our Twitter and Steam page
  10. TeamSpeak Sync - TeamSpeak Sync has been disabled for the time being until we can address the issues users are having with it. - TeamSpeak Sync has been fixed and should work as intended
  11. Server List - Removed player count and current map from the server list
  12. UI Fix - Re-positioned Search Again button on the search page so it is in the middle of the search bar.
  13. Text Editor Added a Background Colour button to the text editor so when you copy pasta some text it won't have a bad looking background behind the text
  14. Forum Theme - We've taken the theme that we release back in early January and removed our customization and simple stuck with the defaults for the theme. There were a few reasons for this, but the biggest was an issue with further customization of the theme Known Bug If you're having a problem with posting new posts, like in this screenshot: https://gyazo.com/9bd6e95e6b937ce048999176dd93fb8a Please clear your cookies.
  15. Additions - Created a Chief Coroner and Coroner tag - Created a Coroner forum and related sub-forums - Altered moderation permissions for those tags TeamSpeak Sync - Added the coroner tags to TeamSpeak Sync