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  1. Dark And Light

    might do eventually
  2. stupid shit that i save

  3. stupid shit that i save

    ic i absolutely hate donahue and did not want to listen to him, i pissed off cooper
  4. stupid shit that i save

    sounds like im 12 with that screeching
  5. stupid shit that i save

    you know
  6. stupid shit that i save

  7. stupid shit that i save

    just some stuff ill save here that i done on the server anything said ooc was not said in the server, i use push to talk
  8. Faces of OrgoByte

    very ugly picture of me on my provisional lol
  9. Orgobyte name

  10. Orgobyte name

    nonono not your name but the word Orgobyte
  11. Orgobyte name

    Where did the name Orgobyte come from? (I looked through the 11 pages of questions and didnt see any topics asking about this, I didnt click on any but looked at the titles. Apologies if this has been asked before) Random question I know
  12. Faces of OrgoByte

    they aren't real. it was a snapchat filter. but yeah, they are lol
  13. Faces of OrgoByte

    me hitting warpspeed and a somewhat normal snapchat filter pic :-)
  14. Does anyone play X-plane or Fsx?

    i played fsx a bit a few years ago but havent touched it since
  15. Twitch Streaming Tag on TS/Forum...

    for streaming you want a better CPU, same with arma as its very cpu intensive, 960 is more than fine for arma