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Tayo Rulo

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    I like playing videogames with everyone and also shareing my gameplay on Youtube or Twitch :D

    I Love Roleplaying in games like Arma :P
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  1. thx man now it's just the time to play on teh server and create the story
  2. Here is a background video for my GTA RP Character ENJOY
  3. in Ep 2 we are get more clues about the Revolution and even more !!!!!!
  4. this coment shows me that u don't know the legendary Solid Snake but we'll see .....
  5. thank you Mrs River i hope i'll see you again in the City
  6. It is time to finish the mission what i have started 6 months ago.....
  7. Geefamous92 had the Radiation sickness and look what happend after that!!!