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  1. I am good any time this week just let me know when sir.
  2. Name: Tanner Harrington Age: 20 Email Address (gmail account): [email protected] Past rank: Deputy Inspector Have you had any criminal conviction within the past 3 weeks?: No Why did you leave the department?: Personal reasons Why do you want to re-join the department?(100 words min.): I want to be able to rejoin the department as I feel i made a great mistake leaving and that not only i, but the department would be better off with me in it. I want to be able to rejoin as I did a lot of good my last time in the department and I like to be able to help grow our wonderful community. I made a good amount of friends and close colleagues during my long tenure in the Erie County Sheriff's department and I feel like i let them and myself down by leaving so abruptly. Why should we allow you to return to the department?(100 words min.): You should allow me to return as I was a good and dedicated employee that always played his role and got his work done no matter the cost. In my tenure as a deputy Inspector I helped with the Sheriff remove much corruption in the department. We also helped fellow members of the Erie county Sheriff's department grow and become better members when they were having issues found when reviewing use of force reports. If you allow me to return I will dedicate myself to my work and grow in the role I am given as I should have before i left. I plan to be even better and to work even harder as a member of the ECSD and to earn my paycheck. Please paste the link to your past application: I, [Tanner Harrington], agree that if reinstated I will be on a 14 day parole period with no chance of promotions and my employment can be terminated without notice. I agree that if I am terminated or resign I will not be reinstated into the department again, no matter the reason for leaving or the reason for termination.
  3. Roleplay name: Tanner Harrington Position applying for: Internal Affairs Age? (must be 18 years of age) 19 What timezone are you in? Eastern Email Address (gmail account): [email protected] Have you read and understood the duty requirements for the position, which you're applying for? Yes Have you had any traffic infractions, within the last two weeks? If so, please list: No Have you ever been convicted of crime (misdemeanor or felony)? If so, please list and explain how long ago: No Do you understand that if accepted, your interview will take place in game? Yes Do you understand that if you pass your interview, you will have to complete departmental certified training for the position? Of course Do you understand that if NO LOA (Leave of absence) is given, and you are not actively playing for 2 weeks, you will be terminated from the Sheriff's Department? Prior written notice will be sent by the Bureau of Administration Commander before your termination. Yes Provide a DETAILED description of your most memorable role play experience (Minimum 150 words): My most memorable role play experience is when I presided over the Mark White case. In the case an unidentified man was caught doing several crimes and was pulled over. He then got away from the officers following him. This unidentified man was then found again where he was yet again committing a separate set of crimes. The man at this point was arrested and brought to the jail where the officers had attempted to get him to put his hands on the finger print reader but the man in question resisted. The officers in question then took this man to his submarine and he escaped before proper identification could be completed. The defense played it off as they were not denying the crimes were committed but that the man who committed them was not Mark White. I did end up letting Mark White off and I helped streamline the SD rules of how to identify a suspect in custody. Tell us about yourself OUT OF CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): I am a 19 year old college student currently completing his AA degree. I turn 20 in April and am going to college for a masters degree in computer science. I hope to eventually buy a house in California where I hope to have a family and settle down. Maybe have kids. I play video games during my free time including Rainbow Six siege, tom Clancy's Ghost recon Wild lands, and of course Arma 3. I have always been someone interested in RP but i had never the opportunity to play on a server with such high standards and amazing elite role play. Tell us why you want to join Erie County Sheriff’s Department IN CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): I want to be able to help the sheriffs department further the excellence they already strive for. I think that i will be a great fit in the IA department because as an outsider I will be able to bring a new and diverse way of thinking into the department. I hope to be able to help the officers in the department better understand SOP's and the laws we currently have in the county as to perfect our system. As a judge I was always and will continue to be fair and as impartial as possible. As a judge I already have a working relationship with many officers and I think that they know I am fair and will always be there if they need advice/help. But I am also not afraid to tell someone when they make a mistake and help them move forward to figure out where they went wrong. Do you have prior experience in the position you're applying for? If so please explain? (If you have any VOD’S, it would help.) I was a judge in the Erie County Judicial Department. Do you have the ability to communicate properly within the English language? Yes
  4. Dungeons and Dragons

    Depends on the day but I might be interested.