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  1. Best Looking Cruiser

    For the LEO's and everyone else, I received this in my email today. It is the annual American Association of State Troopers' "Best Looking Cruiser contest". https://www.facebook.com/StateTroopers/photos/ms.c.eJxFUkkORFEEvFHHM7v~;xTqfKNuKmvCcMygfBxN7yO8NEEEmVsoLqEh6CdUCj8nEiWIB8dbQnQirptSKhtY3EeJL4dculQtkfBR2W0pGuwhDlL4JJQRjaVs~;IBqwhO1QHibCpxyC5UQvRC8bgBaQFg2FaAxAiK7TJW6iOrpCQ2U0kEPGxejKNcWRQ3yiOzR4gKVkzcbMkGNEYVv0PsBSV8PHxc4lR1RxW53bQtSpRRl3qSnHiO6dQxIU0gZuYzqicUnnP0jOpbsUjh1vVph3uZ4IP0pv~;bpEd5HQu20DjhV6Tv2HrWffhfHJxi3qAGh~_LPkPKOOlzA~-~-.bps.a.1628706990536120.1073741848.145952212144946/1628707437202742/?type=3&theater
  2. Prison

    If cops don't have to pull correctional duty then why shouldn't kidnappers just leave their victim in a hidden spot alone? It's part of the deal cops and and kidnappers made when they decided to play their role.
  3. Rust server?

    Conan was rather boring really. Maybe after it is developed a bit more it might be fun.
  4. A clarification on law enforcement RP/power gaming?

    If they are resisting being cuffed then the taser seems to be the answer.
  5. A clarification on law enforcement RP/power gaming?

    Shackles have always been considered power gaming on this server just like "knives". This is nothing new. It's just that people have forgotten or they are new and the issue never came up. Instead of pointing and using lethals, why not use the taser? That is what it is there. If the person has items, just pick them up and hold them or put them in your car until you get to the jail. The cuffs, as they are, are already OP. Anybody who has used them or had them on in RL knows they can be slipped around to the front, they can be slipped off, broken, jimmied, picked, etc.. Cuffs don't keep a person from manipulating objects and they certainly don't stop someone from moving or running. That is why people in cuffs are always watched and physically held when being moved about. I used to have set of shackles(RL) that I carried(in the car) and only used when the person was non-compliant and at risk to run(even with cuffs on). What Mervin talked about are "full restraints" used when a prisoner is being moved about. I've never seen a street cop use them. I've only seem them used in a correctional setting or transportation. If this is reversed then other people can start using shackles, bombs, throw a net over you, say you're in a cage or whatever else they can think of. It is a cheap way of gaining control over another player. We don't need "shackles". Use what you already have.
  6. Script for OrgoByte trailer:

    Maybe a combination of shots from the dev server and the player server. That way you can get the shots you want and then get some interaction.
  7. Pablo coming back?

    I believe, one reason, the lack of players on the server lately is the lack of the AI medic when player medics aren't present.
  8. Casual MilSim?

    For a bunch of "stupid" people, we did quite well. lol
  9. Flight helmet

    I thought the cops had night vision in there heli.
  10. Drug Bust & Maximum Security !!

    We had a front row seat. Everyone was on the beach, at the campfire, watching.
  11. Drug Bust & Maximum Security !!

    I believe the main problem now is that the LEO's either equal or surpass the number of civs online. The off duty LEO's still act as LEO's and there's a heli on top of that. I'm not mentioning the unmarked gunboat equipped with a mini gun. So there is little fun game play to be had so people either don't do anything, wait until there are no LEO's or simply don't play on the server much.
  12. The Last of the Jonzie Trailers

    Lost the trailer I bought from Natsugi about a month ago. I was kicked and when I came back in the trailer had blown up. Still have the tractor though.
  13. Arma 3: Humanity Life Mod - Invasion [EP24]

    I will gladly exchange some island citizens for some new alien neighbors.
  14. Why I Like the Ocean and Boats

    You should be on the water when the moon light is dappling on the water. Although I liked it when I could go out and not see any land, the new changes have made it more challenging. You'll see seagulls and, around land, crows. btw
  15. Another Oldie