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  1. arma 3 humanity is free or pay fee for play??

    its free as long as you have apex arma 3 and pass the application/interview process
  2. Speed Limiter/Cruise Control - Kevin Landstreet

    should be added next restart. (press f6 to use)
  3. Indicators/Turn signals - Daniel Sanders

    Thx for the suggestion, indicators have been added to the server.
  4. Taxi's

    If you want to do the taxi job go to the car shop, there is a taxi under the 'Other' tab.
  5. SuggestionTemplate! PLEASE USE!

    Here at OrgoByte we do not use mods that are not publicly released without permission. Please don't suggest we take them from other mods without written permission from that mod's author. If you would like to contact the author to do so please screenshot or have them send us an email here. TEMPLATE! PLEASE USE! Thread Title: [REQUEST] YOUR NAME Type of request: Teamspeak \ Game \ Forums If Game: Vehicle / Game / Character Description of request: If applicable, link to public release: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-handsup-while-moving-v1-0/21156 If from non-public release, here's screenshot to written permission: http://imgur.com/gallery/K65Sv3Z How would this mechanic be implemented? Would you be able to assist in its implementation? Has this ever been done before in GTA? Please post prior version link, if applicable: I understand that OrgoByte does not steal content and the information above does not pertain to stealing another author's content: YOUR NAME
  6. 05-14-2017

    Removed wank emote Remove punisher (from shops) Added crack to the dyn market Added smoke to extinguisher (still in testing phases) Tweaked some drugs/alcohol Changed the restrain key for cops to ctrl + r (was shift + r) Fixed sickness (was lagging the server out) Fixed bullet casings not dropping Fixed the registration only showing the wrong person Fixed the notorious civ memory error (thanks to some helpful bug reports!)
  7. 05-04-2017

    Added a fire system ( Fires will now randomly spawn every certain amount of time, ems will be able to buy extinguishers to extinguish these fires. Ems will earn money for every 10 "extinguisher shots" they have shot at a fire.) Added punching (You can now punch people by pressing Shift + R when you have no weapon equipped) Added melee weapons (You can now buy melee weapons at certain stores, to use these weapons you will have to press Shift + R ) Added some new animations/emotes Added emote menu (A lot of new animations/emotes have been added to the emote menu, you can open this menu by pressing Shift + O) Added pepper spray Added poison Added fake registration system (you can now change the registration of a car for a restart at a hidden npc, similar to the fake id) Added crack cocaine (can be made in a similar way to meth) Some items make you run faster now and some make you run slower
  8. 04-25-2017

    Added treasure hunting Added items to rolling doobies Added some stuff to the stogies menu Fixed sparrows speakeasy stand Fixed some waypoints Fixed the syringe effects not properly working Fixed/Changed some hints Increased plane storage
  9. 04-13-2017

    Added some illegal farming plots Added the get check'd vehicle Added a Fairbanks spawn point Added some collision lights on high buildings in UC Made the diamond island bridge gates invincible Moved the Oceanside spawn point (to make it close to the garage) Fixed some farming plots
  10. 04-08-2017 (Humanity 3.0)

    Added the option to remove containers/furniture with the windows key button Added 2 extra storage boxes (these have more physical storage) Added RC planes to the rebel shop Added a furniture system (You can now place down the “moveable” objects as furniture, which will save to your house) Added ~40 new furniture items Added 3 new furniture shops Added Giant Yacht to the boat shop Added new bikes, to the new bike shop Added new buyable houses Added a rusty truck to the truck shop Added a lot of new colors options for cars Nerfed alcohol prices Moved the medical beds in the hospital Tweaked some of the task masters Fixed some crafting duplicates Fixed the bank robbery warning for cops (Now sends a dispatch message) Removed vipers from drug dealing Removed all a3l vehicles from the garage
  11. 03-27-2017

    Fixed Erie motors (You can now buy the alfa romeo and lexus gs350 again) Fixed the spyglass issue Fixed dialog closing when previewing vehicles (Potentially) Fixed the revive crash (Potentially) Fixed spike strips disappearing
  12. 03-21-2017

    Changed a lot of stuff to increase performance (This might cause errors, please fill in bug reports) Added chaotic few to the gang whitelisting Changed the moonshine recipe message to tell the player about the different barrel/keg Fixed a bug with wheat when brewing This update should increase the performance a little. If you notice that on high pop (30+) the menus are loading faster than they used to, please notify me. More performance updates will come in the next week or so, to support 50+ players on the servers.
  13. 03-19-2017

    Changed the container model Added a new way to place containers You can now buy the crate and put it down like furniture, make sure you put it on a right spot as it will be saved and there is no removal option, yet. (unless you sell the house) Added a brewery system to create different types of alcohol Similar to the meth system you can now brew alcohol with different types of recipes. Added the brewery taskmaster Added The Few to the gang hideout Added multiple crafting for virtual items Fixed not being able to buy/place crates in some of the houses Changed passive addiction loss to 20 (was 10) Changed addiction loss from rehab from 100 to 200 every 10 min Changed crafting Made crafting a bit easier, the dialog won't close now if you craft stuff. Please make sure you report any bugs you find with the new content