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  1. Questions or concerns about any hunting or wildlife laws.

    @Jackson Smiley Yes as it stands right now all the stated laws that you see inside the criminal code are the current laws.
  2. Please if you have any questions or are unclear of any Hunting, Fishing, Logging, Offroading, Boating laws please ask me here, I will be responding to questions for 72 hours.
  3. Greg O'Conor - TeamSpeak tag request

    Name: Greg O'Conor TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: Smoking barrels Reason: Hired as employee Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable):https://gyazo.com/ce53fc55fa15eaa7d8f84c8e0723bf06
  4. Greg O'Conor - TeamSpeak tag request

    Name: Greg O'Conor TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: Stogies Reason: Hired as employee Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable):https://gyazo.com/d2bce5302aa56ed9adc31c011ae6414c Like this
  5. Faces of OrgoByte

    well i guess here we go. https://gyazo.com/c55fff3fb15ffebb611b1d00ec5f2168 feel free to add me on the snap chat
  6. Greg O'Conor - TeamSpeak tag request

    Name: Greg O'Conor TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: ECAA Reason: I now work for the company Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable): https://gyazo.com/34c0ae1834b1203cdcf65815b2b98ca7 Like this
  7. Jordan's Memory Bank

    @Jack Robinson As of right now the roster is full but as soon as a spot frees up he will be the first one with an option to fill it.
  8. Roleplay name: Greg O'Conor Age? 19 07/01/1997 What timezone are you in? PST Email Address (gmail account): [email protected] Do you understand that you must have an accepted civilian application in order to join the Sheriff's Department? Yes Do you understand that before applying for the Sheriff's Department, you must play as a civilian for two weeks? Yes Have you read and understood the duty requirements [Deputy; Grade 001] for this position? Yes Have you had any traffic infractions, within the last two weeks? If so, please list: I do not recall if any were issued. Have you ever been convicted of crime (misdemeanor or felony)? If so, please list and explain how long ago: I have not contacted a LEO about a back round check. ( will edit if I can gather the information ) Do you understand that if accepted, your interview will take place in game? (This interview will consist of a panel of selected individuals by the Division of Human Resources & the Sheriff and/or his designee) Yes Do you understand that if you pass your interview, you will be allocated a temporary position of Special Deputy until the completion of departmental certified training? Yes Do you understand that if NO LOA (Leave of absence) is given, and you are not actively playing for 2 weeks, you will be terminated from the Sheriff's Department? Prior written notice will be sent by the Bureau of Administration Commander before your termination. Yes Provide a DETAILED description of your most memorable role play experience (Minimum 150 words): My most memorable role play experience is a few years ago on a different server. Me and a good friend known here as Felix, We have been server hopping for years now finally landing here. But in our adventures doing so is a event that I will never forget. We were on a server starting out asking around what the best thing is to do around here to make some fast cash and we stumbled upon a man that said growing and selling corn is the fastest and easiest way to make money. So that is what we did we went and bought some seeds and went to the fields with our serious pedo vans, it doesn't help that we were also in all black and hooded clothing. As we sat and watched our crops grow me and Felix started joking around with each other. Passing the time we noticed lots of traffic coming in and out of the field on the other side as there were two roads into the field. So we walked up to the fellows in the other vehicle that was there and they immediately hopped out of their car and pointed their guns at us and literally robbed us for our corn, and the way that they robbed us was just so funny and cringe worthy. I wish to this day that I was recording it. So as me and Felix stood their dumb founded and hysterically laughing at just what happened. We hurried and jumped into one of the vans and took off after the guys that just robbed us. We finally caught up to them and were question why they just robbed us and wanted answers as now we have out guns pointed at them. They stutter in fear and are very hesitant to respond. They finally told us that they thought we were growing drugs and thought they were robbing us of something a little more green. They seemed very upset and apologetic about the situation and even gave us our corn back. We then went on to sell the corn and make some decent cash. We then realized that this community was complete trash. So now we are here. Tell us about yourself OUT OF CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): I'm a 19 year old from this shit town in Illinois, I found my way into Las vegas. I'm a full time student that also works at a gun range. ( no its not as cool as it sounds ) I'm majoring in network security. I've been a gamer sense I can remember. from PS1 to now PC. I have a deep love for all games, I don't know any genre that I haven't played. I spend most of my off time here honestly. I think of my self as a pretty nice person unless aggravated, But then again who isn't. I really don't know what else to put here i'm horrible at talking about myself it makes me feel like i'm glorifying myself witch I hate. So i'm sorry that this part was so boring. Tell us why you want to join Erie County Sheriff’s Department IN CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): I want to join the Sheriff's Department because I have seen what is on the other side, I have seen what crime and violence brings. Seeing all the horrible things that it brings was starting to make me sick to my stomach, no matter how good the money was. It's one thing to know what is going on in the county, but to actually see it first hand and know that what you are seeing is causing multiple innocent men to lose their lives. It took all I had to keep myself sane the short time I was involved. Just knowing that a man can be taking from his loving family and make his family's hearts heavy from losing a loved one was nothing I wanted to get myself involved with. I'm tired of seeing the streets of the county poisoned with the crime and the violence and this is the only way I can see myself Justifiably helping the county, So I want to swear my life by the Department and do anything that is asked of me to upkeep the safety peace of this lovely county. It's time for the crime to stop and for the criminals to be held responsible for their wrong doings and I want nothing more than to be of the most help humanly possible to achieve that. Please answer the following IN CHARACTER: You and your partner, working a night shift, respond to a possible burglary in progress at a residential structure. When you arrive, you see there are no lights on in the house, and the front door is partially open. Your partner says he/she will go cover the back of the house while you cover the front. You ask for additional units and dispatch tells you they are all busy, but will send the first available car. You then hear the sounds of a commotion at the rear of the house. You approach the back and as you look around the corner you see the following; your partner is on his/her knees, hands in the air, head bowed toward ground, pleading not to be shot. A male is standing in front of your partner, aiming your partner's pistol at your partner's head. The suspect is about ten feet away from you and does not know you are there. What do you do next? I would ask the suspect to drop the firearm in a firmly but yet somewhat comforting tone. If they Co-operated I would tell my partner to stand and take their firearm back and detain the suspect until the house is deemed clear, I would then take lead on clearing the house and once cleared and proved that there are no more suspects in the home we would then alert the home owner of the situation. once they arrive I would take a report of what was stolen and any other side notes the owner of the home had said. Once the situation was resolved we would take the one suspect have and read them their rights as we stuff them in the back of the cruiser and head off to the department to process the suspect and charge then with what they are being suspected of. If the suspect does not co-operate then I would slowly move closer to them and repeat myself saying drop the firearm in different ways so there is no confusion on the order from me. I would depending on their actions keep my lethal firearm out and aimed ready at the suspect for any sudden movements or try to holster the lethal without the suspect seeing and pull out my non-lethal firearm and attempt to get a tazer round off and move in and take the firearm from the suspect and detain them and put them in the cruiser for their safety and mine. Me and my partner would then continue as I stated above with clearing the house and alerting the home owner and taking down notes and leaving once the scene is deemed safe and no longer a threat to the home owner, then proceed back to the department to process the suspect and charge them of their charges they are having presented to them. If I were not able to get my lethal holstered and my non-lethal drew in time to be unnoticeable to the suspect. I would give them one more chance to drop the weapon and I would raise the weapon aimed at a known kill shot location, chest, head, neck, and move closer and closer trying to get in reach of the suspects arms and if things were to go south I would fire two shots into the suspect and make sure my partner is ok and get them up and have them grab their firearm from the assumed dead suspect, I would then alert dispatch of shots fired and one suspect down to try and get that back up here in a hurry as if there is anyone in the house they are now very alerted and probably ready to fight. Then I would move back to the front of the house and wait for back up to arrive before clearing the house. Once cleared and deemed safe the home owner would be alerted. The rest would be done as said before in the other situations. Do you have prior experience as a LEO in this or any environment? If so please explain? (If you have any VOD’S, it would help.) Yes, I used to be a Sergeant on a very old server from a long time ago, I can't say any of that of what I learned is still with me because it was so long ago. So I do not want to claim that I have hours of experience because it has been so long that I truly don't remember much from that tim Do you have the ability to communicate properly within the English language? Yes Please paste the link to joining the Erie County Sheriff’s Department here:
  9. Greg O'Conor - TeamSpeak tag request

    Name: Greg O'Conor TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: Donator Reason: Donated $10.00 Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable): https://gyazo.com/41cf9633966e30ead54a6ea4f72f2d09 Like this
  10. Greg O'Conor - EMS Application

    Gang ? I was told it was a car club that comes with a complementary GTR. Plus I have never done anything wrong in my life. I just don't understand.
  11. Greg O'Conor - EMS Application

    First Name: Greg Last Name: O'Conor Date of Birth (Real Life): 07/01/1997 Current Age (Real Life): 19 Social Security Number(Steam ID): 76561198134899302 Current Location and Timezone (Real Life): Las Vegas, NV. Pacific time zone Give us a brief description about yourself. (150 Words) (Real Life) I'm just like your average gamer, Just some kid looking for new things to do on a day to day basis. I'm 19 currently in college for network security. I've been a gamer since i can remember from playing battlefield 1942 on the PC to playing spyro on PS1, and now i'm here. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago ( south side ) then I moved to Las Vegas because why the fuck not ( no I don't gamble or live in a casino, yes someone has really asked me that ). I'm usually a pretty easy going person and laid back. I think people have gotten the wrong impression on me from my in game character. But anyone that has talked to me out of character or just chilled with me will know i'm not such an ass. I really hate talking about myself because I don't like self glorifying so this part may suck, sorry about that. Why do you want to join the EMS Department? (150 Words)(IC) I have been highly interested in becoming as EMS from the day I have moved to the island, But i got caught up in some things with some certain people. I would absolutely love the change of pace in my life maybe slow down a little and smell the roses as one might say. I feel like its my turn to do this island a favor and give back to it and its people in a way of saving lives and helping those in need. Plus having the excitement of having someones life in your hands just sends a certain kind of chills up my back that make me want to completely hone my senses and do everything humanly possible to save this persons life and make sure that they will make it out the way they were before they got into the situation that got them hurt. That is what i call the thrill of life and would love nothing more than to experience it as an EMS and show people that someone will always be there for them when everyone else has turned their back on them. What qualities do you possess that would help you working as EMS? (100 Words)(IC) I feel like I have some pretty good driving skills that could benefit the EMS department in ways of bettering response times and give us more time with the patients. I also know that I could learn a few things while in training if I do get to that point that could really help me become all that I need to be to be one of the best on the force and do nothing but help and benefit the department. I'm also very open to receive feed back on what I need to do differently to better myself as an EMS. I also feel like knowing your way around the island is a big part of response times as well and that is something that I know for sure is my way around this island. What is your greatest failure and what did you learn from it? (50 words)(IC) There is something that I never will never forget in all of my life. There was one day I was driving around and saw that one of my close friends texted me and said that he needed help he was in some trouble. I get to his location and I come to see him trapped in his car upside down. I ran over to try and get my friend out of the vehicle I could not seem to get the doors open or break the windows in time. I noticed that the gas line had been ruptured and it was getting everywhere I started to realize that I myself could not do anything to save my friend in his car. I panicked and tried to call for help from the cops and EMS but unfortunately as I turn around to get into my car to go find help I hear a gulf of flames erupt from his car. I quickly turn around to see him burning alive and screaming for help as i stood there watching knowing I could do nothing to help him. I will never forget that day thus is why I wanna better prepare myself for situations like this in the future if it were to ever happen. This is one of the main reasons I want to join EMS I want to be able to help the helpless. Do you have any experience with being a EMS/Medic? (Rank/Where)(IC) No this would be the first time outside of the military that i would be doing anything with medical assistance to others. Can you communicate properly using the English language? Yes Do you intend to eventually pursue a career within the other departments? No I Greg O'Conor, hereby authorize Erie County Fire and EMS to conduct a criminal background and DMV check. In connection with this, I also authorize the use of the Erie County Sheriff's Department to assist the Erie County Fire and EMS in collecting and verifying such information. I am also aware that records of arrests on pending charges and/or convictions are not an absolute bar to employment, as it is at the discretion of the EMS command.