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  1. The death of Niall Mcslive

    So, As some of you may have noticed Niall Mcslive is no more.Luckily, I got the whole thing recorded for your entertainment! Some backstory to the video: I executed Inigo when I was prospecting for the Sons of Erie, This is the reason why certain things in the video happen.Jack owed me a drink (we needed one) and so I hooked up with him.That leads up to the beginning of the video. Enjoy!
  2. Niall Mcslive - Streamer tag request

    Name: Niall Mcslive TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: Streamer Reason: I have begun streaming Orgobyte and will now begin streaming Orgobyte on a somewhat regular basis. Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable): https://www.twitch.tv/nmcslive
  3. What are you guys doing for Halloween? Also, Halloween picture thread.

    personally I hope nobody dresses up as clowns this Halloween.. But ill be playing games and getting stuffed on junk