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  1. Post your steam usernames

  2. Jack Mickelson - Teamspeak Tag Request

    Name: Jack Mickelson TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: ECAA Reason: Recently hired Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable):
  3. arma 3 humanity is free or pay fee for play??

    Yes you need the Apex DLC to play on the server
  4. Add ELS for Emergency Vehicles - David Saltsider

    also come to discover if you hit G in an ambulance it goes Code 2
  5. Add ELS for Emergency Vehicles - David Saltsider

    you can change sirens by using left-shift
  6. Prison

    The issue I've noticed with that is lack of officers on at any given time. I was on for a good portion of last night as EMS and for awhile it was only Rof by himself
  7. Better hospital

    I found it by accident last night. The hospital with the interior is by Maze Bank. Unfortunately the server derped me into it last night and the interior didn't load all the way and I fell thru the map. Also am I missing something or is there not proper EMS/FIrefighter model/clothes?
  8. Roleplay name: Jack Mickelson Age? 27 What timezone are you in? EST Email Address (gmail account): [email protected] Do you understand that you must have an accepted civilian application in order to join the Sheriff's Department? Yes Do you understand that before applying for the Sheriff's Department, you must play as a civilian for two weeks? Yes Have you read and understood the duty requirements [Deputy; Grade 001] for this position? Yes Have you had any traffic infractions, within the last two weeks? If so, please list: No Have you ever been convicted of crime (misdemeanor or felony)? If so, please list and explain how long ago: Never Do you understand that if accepted, your interview will take place in game? (This interview will consist of a panel of selected individuals by the Division of Human Resources & the Sheriff and/or his designee) Yes Do you understand that if you pass your interview, you will be allocated a temporary position of Special Deputy until the completion of departmental certified training? Yes Do you understand that if NO LOA (Leave of absence) is given, and you are not actively playing for 2 weeks, you will be terminated from the Sheriff's Department? Prior written notice will be sent by the Bureau of Administration Commander before your termination. Yes Provide a DETAILED description of your most memorable role play experience (Minimum 150 words): My most memorable roleplay experience is when I first played on Arma 2 Island Life. I was conducting my first ride-along as a special deputy and we were called to a report of shots fired. When we arrived the FTO attempted to engage the suspect in conversation forgetting he had locked me inside of his cruiser. The suspect opened fire on the deputy and killed him instantly. As I was locked in his car he proceeded to take me as a hostage and ransom me out to the sheriffs office. He led deputies on a wild police chase before wrecking his car and taking shelter in a nearby business. After a lengthy negotiation the sheriffs department attempted to deliver the money but a well placed shot from the SERT sniper incapacitated the hostage taker and cleared the scene with a minimum of collateral damage. The suspect was treated on scene and sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence. Tell us about yourself OUT OF CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): Hey everybody I'm Jeff. Spent the last 8 years in the Army as a Scout and am getting ready to be a civilian again. Like a few people on this server I play way too many games and probably need to spend more time with my wife and son but I'm still working on the balance. When I leave the Army I don't have a solid plan yet but I do hope to open a gaming cafe or something similar. If you haven't met me yet I'm incredibly friendly and full of advice if anyone has any questions about pretty much anything. I look forward to meeting each and everyone on this server as time permits. Tell us why you want to join Erie County Sheriff’s Department IN CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): I was called back to active service about 6 months ago. We went to this little known hell hole known as Denovia. Atropia was pushing this little country hard and we had to help them out. After spending some time away I came to realize my wife would not want me moping by myself on some grape field to keep me in enough wine to forget her. It would be a disgrace to her name. On returning to the island I spent some time at the grape fields but couldn't focus. If I'm willing to defend my country why not help to protect my neighbors at home? Please answer the following IN CHARACTER: You and your partner, working a night shift, respond to a possible burglary in progress at a residential structure. When you arrive, you see there are no lights on in the house, and the front door is partially open. Your partner says he/she will go cover the back of the house while you cover the front. You ask for additional units and dispatch tells you they are all busy, but will send the first available car. You then hear the sounds of a commotion at the rear of the house. You approach the back and as you look around the corner you see the following; your partner is on his/her knees, hands in the air, head bowed toward ground, pleading not to be shot. A male is standing in front of your partner, aiming your partner's pistol at your partner's head. The suspect is about ten feet away from you and does not know you are there. What do you do next? I call for immediate backup. As I look around I'm not sure if there is more than one suspect. I back up slowly so I don't startle him. I call out " hey buddy I'm behind you my weapon is holstered." I do my best to keep him as calm as possible while I wait for the negotiator to arrive. I ask if he needs anything from me while we figured this situation out. Do you have prior experience as a LEO in this or any environment? If so please explain? (If you have any VOD’S, it would help.) Yes. On the Island life server and when Arma 3 came out the first Altis Life servers I spent a majority of my time as an Aviation Support Pilot. I spent quite a bit of time over police chases calling locations to pursing deputies. Do you have the ability to communicate properly within the English language? Yes Please paste the link to joining the Erie County Sheriff’s Department here: