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  1. Refer to this post as to why we don't want to host anything else -
  2. The exile server was shut down because we couldn't find dedicated people to manage it, so highly unlikely.
  3. Nicholas is correct
  4. I just want to be brutally honest here, and this is not pointed at anybody directly. Don't think I am trying to offend you directly. That being said. This is a terrible idea, and here is why. Ever so often I see a thread like this pop up. "OrgoByte should do *$GAME* RP" . Everybody in the thread agrees, and then you have a few people that says they would run it with no problem. Generally Andy or I come in, and say it is no walk in the park. You can't disappear for multiple days and expect to have a successful server. We then try to get the ball rolling generally setup a server, give it to the person to start setting up whatever they need to get it moving. They generally do awesome work for the first week or two. I call this the Honeymoon Phase. After that they drop. Stop responding daily, not updating the server, etc. Just doesn't work out. Then we scrap the project because everybody gave up on it before it even began. This has happened multiple times - Arma Exile, Arma Tanoa, Ark, and Conan is about to get added to that list. I just wanted to show you what I see from my point of view, and why it is extremely difficult to take these suggestions serious.
  5. It is stripped down. Level 2 Hypervisor. You can't do proper backups. No single point management. No such thing as NIC teaming, No Live Migration, and the list goes on.
  6. VIrtualbox is not built to be used the way we are using HyperV or ESXi
  7. Not really. Say we were able to move everything to linux. We would still need a virtualization platform. We either go with Windows HyperV - $2500 or VMware ESXi - $1800 . At most, we would save $700. We would still need everything else that is shown on that list.
  8. Hosting a game server has never been a concern that we have had. I have the infrastructure to do so. The problem is building a team to manage the game server.
  9. None. It will be added as a Virtual Machine on one of the dedicated servers
  10. Howdy Everybody, We sent out an email yesterday morning asking for the community input. I wanted to put the surveys here just in case you missed the email we sent out. First survey is about our staff. Please tell us how our staff are doing - https://goo.gl/forms/DHL5hi3K22Wty1SA2 Second survey is about our website. Please tell us what you like/hate about our website - https://goo.gl/forms/D1UADKfiVs9gx9LB2 Third survey is about our subscribers. How can we make this feature better? - https://goo.gl/forms/b7bMx8ZAVUf6SMgg1 Thanks for your input
  11. Thanks I believe it is every community founders job to be transparent like this. Like what Andy and I said from day 1. We will never take any amount of donations for ourselves. We will scale what we can do here as we receive more monthly donations.
  12. I asked Santa for a new website design

  13. Not on TS. Just drop me a message, and include any other leaders.
  14. Whoever is in charge get in contact with me. I wouldn't mind providing a server, and get some official events setup, and whatever else that might be needed. Thanks!
  15. off-topic

    No politics here.