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    I'm proud to announce Jason Reeves (Odesius Krosa) as the Los Santos Police Chief. He will be filing through all the applications soon. I'm confident he'll bring stability and leadership to the department. Help me in congratulating him!
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    One of my favorite features about going from Arma 3 to GTA 5 RP, was that Prisoners were automatically sent to the county prison where they could not escape, and an officer didn't have to babysit them. Right now, to the best of my knowledge our only jail system is to put them in the cell and "lock the door" and watch them. A lot of great RP can happen in those cells during arraignment, but the actual prison sentence needs to be for the offender, not the officer.
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    It's been on our list since we started throwing around the idea of GTA RP. We're doing everything we can right now juggling Arma and GTA right now trying to keep both sides afloat. As soon as we can get something we will definitely get it in. Thanks Daniel Sanders for the link. We'll look at that asap
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    Over the course of the last 2 weeks or so we've tested and released our version of GTA RP. With that has had some growing pains and confusion. Players seemed to have forgotten what OrgoByte is and how we conduct roleplay. This is an Elite Roleplay community far different than any other. We hold each player accountable for their creativity. I've witnessed random deathmatch, vehicle deathmatch, AltisLife public server RP, immaturity, stupidity, lack of creativity and douchebaggery. It was pretty frustrating for us to see this happen when the community knows what we're about. With that I want to exorcise some second chances for those people to redeem themselves. We believe it's important for players to grow their roleplay experiences and at the same time grow up. So we've decided to give all those players a second and final chance. Today we'll be rewhitelisting those people that forgot what Elite Roleplay is. Regardless of the game you're to create Elite content. Content that entertains one another. If we as administrators and founders watch a stream and/or play along side of you we should never be cringing at your roleplay skills. You should come to OrgoByte with your A game roleplay shirt on. We never want to see the following: interrupting roleplay scenarios robbing people like this is Lakeside 14.0 taking hostages for a bank robbery without any creativity making naked characters just to troll doing donuts in your vehicle in front of the police station running red lights at 200MPH so you can change your clothing yelling nonsense to interrupt roleplay talking out of character loitering in front of the police department because thats where the action is stream sniping your favorite streamer to go interact with them metagaming breaking laws for no apparent reason processing drugs while still inside your vehicle spawning vehicles or stealing vehicles that are available to you from a shop These are all things I witnessed from players that were already civilians for Arma 3. It was saddening. I was shocked we had to repeat ourselves on who we are as OrgoByte roleplayers. Reminding those this is a final chance. Get creative. Treat this like an audition to a movie. This isn't World of Warcraft with VoIP. Make some new voices, get a real storyline going, stories aren't made to last 5 minutes unless you're reading a lullaby. Best Regards, OrgoByte Administrators
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    My first time in these here streets. I wonder what I'll get in to?
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    Our internal rage burns fiercely. We must give her what she wants.
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    Type of request: game If Game: Robberies Description of request: Increase the amount of money given for store robberies. Right now, If I want to go and rob a store, it takes 10 mins and I only get like $3000. Because of that time, I am FORCED to engage in a gunfight with police, if I want to escape with my abysmal amount of money. I tried to do a non-violent robbery, Roleplaying that we were collecting protection money, and when the cops turned up 5 mins in, we role-played that we saw nothing, and had no idea what was going on. Now we were arrested because apparently they can view the 'security' footage from the non-existent cameras. This FORCES criminals to either Shoot their way out, or get arrested, because this, essential meta-game ruins the possibility of talking your way out. So My proposal is this, Increase rewards for store/bank robberies, and decrease the time for STORE robberies ONLY, to make it more reasonable. If applicable, link to public release: N/A If from non-public release, here's screenshot to written permission: N/A How would this mechanic be implemented?N/A Would you be able to assist in its implementation?N/A Has this ever been done before in GTA?N/A Please post prior version link, if applicable:N/A I understand that OrgoByte does not steal content and the information above does not pertain to stealing another author's content: A. Marks
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    That's kinda what I'm doing Johnny, I thought it could be more interesting as player to player interaction
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    Considering in the amount of time a store robbery takes you can get about 20k worth of copper, I think it should be increased. Although I believe the economy should be rebalanced and maybe even wiped to do it since we are still early in. We should be using realistic amounts for money imo a peice of copper should be like $50, a bag of weed should be $100, truck jobs shouldn't give 30k a run but instead like 4-5k (if weed were $100 per that'd be $6'400). A simple car should cost 10k not 120k, a light machine gun shouldn't be cheaper than an assault rifle but also shouldn't cost 120k, more like 45k, and an ar more around 15k. Stores could then be 3k still and that'd be a decent amount of money considering it wouldn't have process times etc, and a banks 20k reward would actually be worth it at these prices too.
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    Type of request: Game If Game: Vehicle / Game Description of request: To add fuel level to cars and more realism into the game with hunger and thirst. A repair function would be nice due to the fact that the los santos customs does not allow you to repair your car 80% of the time. If applicable, link to public release: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-hunger-thirst-hud-v0-3-3-added-inventory-and-food-shops/20672 https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-frfuel-v1-0-1/5467 I have not found a repair script yet but I am still looking. If from non-public release, here's screenshot to written permission: How would this mechanic be implemented? Just follow the instructions on the links Would you be able to assist in its implementation? I do not have experience with gta mods. Has this ever been done before in GTA? Gas, Hunger/Thirst, and repairing has been done in multiple community Please post prior version link, if applicable: I understand that OrgoByte does not steal content and the information above does not pertain to stealing another author's content: Chip Rossberry
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    Want someone to RP with in prison? Get caught with a friend and you guys can have some pretty interesting prison RP with no guards to get in the way. *Cues up "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"*
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    I've enjoyed having the ability to revive people as an officer. There has been some really hilarious medical RP, and to be honest, that's time I was usually doing nothing. Of course when there are medics on duty, I call them, and RP out stabilizing the victim while I wait. And also I understand there are things that a cop wouldnt be able to save that an EMT would. I think police revival with training and a ruleset to follow would be a great thing.
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    I disagree. The criminal gets RP while committing the crime, getting caught, and being arraigned. If a cop is stuck babysitting the criminal beyond that then guess who isn't out there catching and arraigning the other criminals (ie. generating more RP). Do the crime; do the time.
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    I like having cars that require gas, as long as the tank isn't painfully small, like an old mans bladder. Car Damage happens so frequently, especially with AI that as stupid as GTA, that additional places to repair could be very beneficial.
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    crazy seeing how much the map has changed since then.
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    HAHAHA cleaning up some files and ran into this pic. Rolling Doobies aint got nothing on the shit i had lol
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    Type of request: Rules If Game: Rules Description of request: Make the rules for GTA a totally separate page, because right now, its kind of confusing, since some rules apply, some dont and some are in a grey area. I think GTA RP should really give us the freedom to explore more creative RP, so the rules should be totally independent of the Arma RP rules, and not as restricting. I am not saying we should be a Lakeside style GTA sever, but I want to give us the opportunity to explore this new environment, without having our experience with a different platform clouding our judgement. What I propose is to have the GTA Rules as they are on the GTA Info forum, with the ARMA rules excluded. As we explore the GTA world, encounter problems and victories, we can adjust/add rules as needed for GTA, rather than trying to force ARMA into GTA. If applicable, link to public release: N/A If from non-public release, here's screenshot to written permission: N/A How would this mechanic be implemented?N/A Would you be able to assist in its implementation? N/A Has this ever been done before in GTA? Yes Please post prior version link, if applicable: N/A
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    Roleplay name: Michael Crockett Age? (must be 18 years of age) 24 What timezone are you in? GMT +2 Do you understand that you must have an accepted civilian application in order to become a cop on our GTA 5 RP server? [yes] Do you understand that before applying for a cop whitelisting, you must play as a civilian for two weeks? [yes] Do you understand that if accepted, your interview can take place in game? (This interview will consist of a panel of selected police officers and/or designee) Yes Do you understand that if NO LOA (Leave of absence) is given, and you are not actively playing for 2 weeks, you will be terminated from your cop whitelisting? Yes Provide a DETAILED description of your most memorable role play experience (Minimum 150 words): My memorable role play experience it got to be my time in the family, i have never tried to play as a civ on a server before i got on to orgo. The massive internal role play with in ranks, is somthing i will never forget. it made a big impact on my experience with roleplay. If i hade to pick a scenario i would go with my first interaction with the family, is was walking down a cold and dark road "with in any other server is a death stranding" and Jimmy Kotton drives by in a fancy car he stops me and offers me a ride. Not knowing at the time how or what he is i get in, we talk and he out of the blue gives me a car for no reason. in return i offer my time if he never should need it. Later if was giveing a small job and i was what he was and i was hooked. Tell us about yourself OUT OF CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): I'm a 24 year old guy who loves the basic things in life, but when it comes down to it i mostly like Video game and old movies. in my everyday life i work as a Police Office in the Danish police, in my free time i like to get together with my family or go out and play airsoft. In my early years is was into fantasy roleplay, so i guess you can say i always had a thing for roleplay. If i need to totally relax i sit down with a good old movie like the godfather or Die Hard XD Tell us why you want to join Los Santos Police Department IN CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words): Why i want to join Los Santos Police Department, i all ways like to protect and serve, to be a protector is something i value the most. i have been working in law enforcement before in a down called Lakeside, and a long time break on the countryside i now miss the job so when i got do Los Santos and i saw that LSPD is hiring, i see it as my opportunity to get back in the game and make a difference to the citizen of Los Santos. After all the saying still goes Once a Cop alwasy a Cop. Please answer the following IN CHARACTER: You and your partner, working a night shift, respond to a possible burglary in progress at a residential structure. When you arrive, you see there are no lights on in the house, and the front door is partially open. Your partner says he/she will go cover the back of the house while you cover the front. You ask for additional units and dispatch tells you they are all busy, but will send the first available car. You then hear the sounds of a commotion at the rear of the house. You approach the back and as you look around the corner you see the following; your partner is on his/her knees, hands in the air, head bowed toward ground, pleading not to be shot. A male is standing in front of your partner, aiming your partner's pistol at your partner's head. The suspect is about ten feet away from you and does not know you are there. What do you do next? My number one priority is the life of my partner, but since i dont know if the suspect is the a Terrified house owner or a burglar, i would try and get out to a position so that my partner is out of my line of fire and identify my self as a police officer and tell him to drop the weapon. but the second that he makes the wrong move i would not hesitate to take his life. If he is the Terrified house owner hopefully he will drop the weapon if he dont i will try to talk him down if he is the burglar i inform him that if he shoot my partner he life will be over, and order him to drop the weapon and give him limited time to drop the weapon before i shoot. Do you have prior experience as a LEO in this or any environment? If so please explain? (If you have any VOD’S, it would help.) well i have a limited time from realy life, but in a RP world i have over five yeas as a LEO indifferent life community. Patrol experience SWAT experience DTU experience Do you have the ability to communicate properly within the English language? i think so yes
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    To be honest, looking at all this, the request of more money that people can get from robbing or "criminal stuff" is that realy the main goal of those people? What you wanna do when yuo have mils? flash it around? so what? its 1's and 0's just code, and nothing more. The only value we should get that should be increased is roleplay, and not money. Thats why i like the post of Daniel. Because getting more money for a 5 minut task is just lazy man talk in my eyes. I rather work for it, as i did back in the day as inigo on arma, grinding the taskmaster for my first magnum upto my first 500k house ... No need for robberies, damn i did not even own a damn gun at the time. And yet here we go .. all trying to be super criminal or bad guy number 60000 .. but in the end... its the same story as everybody else wants.... Nothing special, nothing unique ... its the roleplay that should matter, not the money, like andy is saying ... so instead of beeing criminal 60000 and rob the bank for the i dont know how many times, just create rp .... instead of lazy money grinding.. >_> Because im sure, if the lost was just as high you have in arma, be in gta, you would keep robbing the same stuff over and over again. But then again, its up to criminals i guess then ... they want to flash their money around like they THINK they have earned it, yet they did only lazy work
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    I haven't played on the server yet but wanted to pitch an idea, so you know how the arma server has a task master? Could it be implemented to where you went to a guy that gave you heists for more money? Kinda like how the multiplayer heists work on GTA online? Multiple stages, with different NPC's giving different places to rob and what not? It could half way give a story line to it.
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    As long as we dont end up with 17 cops and 8 civs I'm cool. This kind of stuff usually creates mad tension within the LEO community, but hey, if you can do it, go for it.
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    IF a system like that were to be utilised (which would obviously also need increased jail times - roleplaying with NPC's is quite possible - but after about 30 minutes it gets boring.) I'd apply for DOC in a heartbeat. As far as I know, they are currently put into the holding cells of the PD. (feel free to correct me) I also don't think the Prison has an interior. As far as I know its the yard, some towers and catwalks. Restricts the schedule to yard and more yard. You could, however, implement things to do in said yard. Illegal ways to make money. Illegal ways to spend that money. In the sense of - make some money, grab a broken bottle, hold a guard hostage, get yourself out.... and the correctional staff would obviously need to prevent that. That gives both sides something to do. I'd also love for DOC staff to actually transport prisoners from the PD jail to the actual prison. Creates opportunities for a lot of RP. But not every criminal will enjoy said ride. When I was DOC on a different server, 90% of the people aksed to have their time cut by the duration of the ride, asked me to speed because money is time and whatnot. It generally just ended as rides of pure toxicity. I don't see it happen here, but I am wary of it. Or you could just let them sit at the jail at PD and let PD worry about bringing in more "customers". I'd personally also be down for that. <- by far the easiest, most convenient option, at least according to the infos I have and the limited possibilites I've seen so far. Job would be pretty straightforward: Arresting Officer hands the suspect over once the duration of stay has been confirmed, Correctional officer puts him in and teakes him out by the end of it, while RPing whatever RP happens. Call EMS when a Prisoner request medical aid and oversee the procedure, roleplay giving out food, someone throwing a fit.. the possibilites are there, but both sides have to take it. Usually its not the officer that can initiate that kind of RP, besides the giving out food part.
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    If cops don't have to pull correctional duty then why shouldn't kidnappers just leave their victim in a hidden spot alone? It's part of the deal cops and and kidnappers made when they decided to play their role.
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    Thx for the suggestion, indicators have been added to the server.
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    All current and future applicants, I'd like to start by extending my sincere gratitude to all of you for your desire to serve the citizens of Los Santos. As many of you are aware I was recently appointed to chief of the department. As you can all imagine there are numerous administrative duties that need to be addressed and procedures and policies reviewed so that I may best serve you and the citizens of our fine city. I would like to get everything in order and familiarize myself with the current staff before moving any additional manpower into the department before we're properly prepared to do so. We will be getting in touch with each of you in the coming days and I applaud your patience with the application process thus far. I look forward to meeting with each and every one of you and starting your careers within this department but I must ask for your continued patience while we strive to bring our best foot forward and can provide an excellence in leadership and training you all deserve. Thank you, Jason Bass "J.B." Reeves Chief of Police Los Santos Police Department
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    Unless I missed it, on the MP Freeroam characters, there is nowhere to adjust the facial hair.... not that those options are very good. However, i think everyone here can agree that a smooth face Rof is just really weird. Michael and Trevor have amazing quality beard options, is it possible to get those beards, or those characters to customize? They have amazing options, and as long as you're not the default style from the story, you can really jazz it up and make the character feel more personal, even though it's from the story.
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    we should get a benny's motor works in just bc the workshop we currently have you cant do any of these customization's.
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    Rules for GTA RP are a little different than Arma 3 so please read everything! YOU MUST BE IN TS WHILE PLAYING You may NEVER have client side mods to give yourself an advantage of any type. RDM'ing AI is the same as RDM'ing players. Prohibited. Cops may be corrupt if roleplay is created properly. Executing players/AI for no reason is prohibited. Driving around running into cars for no reason is considered RDM. Doing crime in front of AI cops is considered Fail RP. Running red lights for no reason is prohibited. Interjecting yourself into a RP situation (ie, robbery) is prohibited. Robbing and/or taking hostages for robberies need depth. Pulling a gun on someone in the middle of the street and holding them hostage for a bank robbery has zero depth and is fail RP. You may not use any cop/ems related outfits when you're not signed in as cop/ems. You may not act as a cop when you're not whitelisted to be a cop. You may have different personas/characters. They cannot know each other. [Metagaming] When changing characters you must be out of sight. You are not required to have a backstory for your characters. Please be creative. You may not re-enter a scenario after death unless you re-enter it as a different character but you know nothing about the scenario any longer. Doing so would be considered [Metagaming] All EMS and Police must be in Teamspeak in their designated channels. EMS and Police may join each other's channels to dispatch vice versa. ts3.orgobyte.com Stealing Ambulance and/or Fire trucks is prohibited. 3 Cops must be online to rob the bank or store. (Check in TS Radio Com: Police) You may not rob, kill, or taunt paramedics AI or Player Running away from police while cuffed is a bannable offense. Beating up and killing AI for no reason is prohibited. You may not AFK for longer than 5 minutes. Any longer please log out. OOC chat is prohibited in any way. Please do not use text chat to find out where people are. Doing so will be a 24 hour ban. All other rules are inherited from here below. (Please read)
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    Role play name: Jacob Hoffman Date: 2017-05-26 Position in Current Department: Sergeant of Patrol Department requested: EMS Reason for Transfer (50 words minimum): During the recent years that I've been with the sheriffs department I've seen us thrive. Back from beeing a smaller detachment of deputies to a prosperus department with many different agencies and bueraus. Even though times have changed, we've always done our very best to protect the citizens of this wonderful county. However our brothers and sisters within the ECEMS have seen better days. During the recent past I've seen them struggle. Struggle to have manpower, collaboration and maybe even the public trust they so much deserve. My mission will always be this. I will do my very outermost to protect the people living on these prosperous islands. Having close to five years of experience from the ECSD beeing both out on the streets, at sea and working the most dangerous situations with the ERU I feel this call. And that call is to reach out my hands and assist the ECEMS and the citizens, only this time wearing a different uniform and protecting lives in a whole different manner. With that said, I am hereby requesting to leave my duties at the ECSD and move over to the ECEMS. What we can do to better the previous department: There are always things to improve. But I'd just like the department to keep on evolving and learning the same way as it has. *Before the current department can sign off on the transfer request. The applicant must have an approved application on file with the new department, along with the highest ranking officials approval of the request.*
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    The Watchmen are always on the hunt. They used to take assassination contracts. This was one of them.
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    Hmm, I've been here just over a year now. Nice.
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    Type of request: Game If Game: Vehicle/Character? Description of request: Basically just wanting to see the Sheriff's Department come to life. With only one Law Enforcement Agency that is just now starting to grow, I think having the second one implemented to grow alongside it would help. Having it implemented earlier, instead of later, would help the departments each understand their functions and jurisdiction sooner and create less problems than trying to implement a second department when the first is fully developed and has grown accustomed to having full-map jurisdiction. If applicable, link to public release: If from non-public release, here's screenshot to written permission: How would this mechanic be implemented? Simply by giving new uniforms/vehicles in the police shops, possibly adding in new stations to go on/off duty. Would you be able to assist in its implementation? I could give advice/help from an RP perspective, I'd like to think I have some experience here. I'm sure there are far more qualified people than can help, but I always am willing to give it a college try. Has this ever been done before in GTA? Plenty of places have 2, sometimes even 3 or 4 law enforcement agencies, so yes. Please post prior version link, if applicable: I understand that OrgoByte does not steal content and the information above does not pertain to stealing another author's content: DALLAS COOPER
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    Mr. Paulsen, After reviewing your application we would like to extend an invitation to conduct an interview. Please contact a member of command to schedule your interview at your earliest convenience. We would like to thank you again for your interest in the Los Santos Police Department and look forward to speaking with you. Interview Contacts: Chief Jason “J.B.” Reeves Deputy Chief Dave Miller Staff Commander Robert Cooper Lieutenant Andrew Quincey Thank you, Staff Commander Robert Cooper Los Santos Police Department @Donovan Paulsen
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    Potentially, but you would never get SWAT/FO/SERT/SEK as first responders, you would get beat cops, who would assess if SWAT was needed or not, which for most simple cash grab jobs it wouldn't be.
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    I think you are grasping at the wrong end of the stick here. We are not saying we want more money because we simply want more money. Its the simple fact that the way the system is configured, if I rob a store, I will end up in an altercation with the cops. If you want to be free, its a shootout, if you want to get arrested, well that's easy. So robbing a store has no rp reason right now, since you risk life and everything for like $3000. Let's say the timer was 3 mins, this would do a few things. Firstly, it would allow criminals the possibility of getting away before cops showed up. Secondly it would force cops to patrol the entire island, to be able to respond to these robbery calls, rather than sitting in the main city, knowing that if there is a robbery, they will be able to get there in time and shoot the bad guys.
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    I come from a long line of World of Warcraft Private Server Roleplay... and there was no money system. No matter how much gold you had, if your character was poor per storyline, he was poor. Clothing was free, weapons were free. So you dressed him up as a poor guy, gave him a rusty knife and just roleplayed, without having to worry about grinding to afford your next gear. Maybe met a nice, rich Lady. She roleplayed giving you money - you didnt actually get it though. You just added it to your virtual piggybank. Sure - its not an ideal system, and having stuff to do is fun, but roleplay is possible without having an accurate moneysystem or heists. If you don't want to be a millionaire - ignore that money on the top right of your screen and roll with your RP. You are the one dictating how your RP goes, not Orgo (thanks for the amazing work tho) with the system they create. (and if you want Robberies to be more exciting, go around town, make a crew, stake out the place, do something to check the response time, whatever it is that criminals do. Roleplay happens in your head, not in Orgobytes code) I always feel like the more systems you have, the more restricted and unimaginitive the RP gets. There was a time where you made RP in forums. Describing the world. Describing yourself. You made everything in accordance with others, so that everyone had their fair share of fun. Nobody was ever focused on winning, but was interested in advancing storylines created by their players. Hell, I could write books from the RP that was created on those WoW servers. I could even write a book about the short time I played on the ArmA 3 server here. But I can't yet write a book about the GTA RP. Lets change that. TL;DR: You don't need anything but your imagination to RP. Your motivation to rob a store shouldn't be the money you get. Your character is the one who should be the one having that motivation. Yours should be roleplay. (I stood at different stores and banks for 4 hours, on my regular normal GTA 5 paycheck roleplaying a security guard so that whoever robbed the store next had something else to work with. Nobody turned up, sadly, but I'll try again. If you see me, don't worry about me pulling a gun and being a hero and ruining the RP I'm trying to get set up lol. I basically RP a more intelligent NPC, so to say.) P.S.: Sorry for going slightly off-topic, but it kinda ties in with it.
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    Do you understand you must be a civilian on the island before applying for the EMS department? Yes Do you understand you must have 2 weeks of experience on the island before applying for the EMS department? Yes First Name: David Last Name:Saltsider Date of Birth (Real Life): 02/1993 Current Age (Real Life):24 Social Security Number(Steam ID): 76561198050168426 Current Location and Timezone (Real Life): Oklahoma, US CST Give us a brief description about yourself. (150 Words) (Real Life) Im 24 years old currently in school full time for a bachelors in Fire Science in the hopes to become a career firefighter. I am also currently enrolled to get my EMT-Basic certification again. When I'm not in school I volunteer my spare time not devoted to work or school to volunteer at my local Volunteer Fire Department where I currently hold the rank of Lieutenant and have been there for seven years. I work full time for my County Sheriff's department as a certified detention officer for five years to pay bills and allow for some more desirable stuff. I am a avid airsoft player and travel the entire US playing national Military Simulation events from coast to coast. I do all this while struggling through a multitude of mental disabilities and physical limitations for the sole reason that I like to help people in what ever way i can. Why do you want to join the EMS Department? (150 Words)(IC) I wish to join the Emergency Medical Services because I have always had the need to help people. After spending the last six years at the Sheriff's Department, I was able to see some of the horrific travesties that have plagued our great county. I have had to hold the hand of a dying individual and tell them that everything will be ok even though nobody from EMS was coming. Having to watch so many people take their last breath and not be able to do a thing about it has torn so many pieces of my soul out that I felt like this would be the best way to help me put a little bit back together. Not just for my sake, but for the number of members of this county that have had to watch their friend of loved one pass in front of their eyes because nobody was coming. What qualities do you possess that would help you working as EMS? (100 Words)(IC) The qualities that I possess that would help EMS would be my desire to help the department grow and flourish with the county. My time in a supervisory position within the Erie County Sheriff's department has shown me what it takes to be a strong leader. I can bring trust, honesty, and a fair system of judgement which is something that I felt was lacking in my previous employers. I want to bring these things along with a hard-working attitude and the desire to bring the Erie County EMS back to its former glory. And I will do this with every fiber of my being. What is your greatest failure and what did you learn from it? (50 words)(IC) My single greatest failure was that I made a bad decision on a tactical plan during a bank robbery. My decision caused the death of 6 deputies in the course of a few minutes. I spent sleepless nights going over everything that was done and the results, drinking my soul away to no avail. It took me awhile to realize that there was nothing I could do to change the past and I need to take this, learn from it, and move on. As angry as I felt I remembered that people still need me to be there and to do what is right, because it is right and not make a decision based on my personal feelings Do you have any experience with being a EMS/Medic? (Rank/Where)(IC) No Can you communicate properly using the English language? Yes Do you intend to eventually pursue a career within the other departments? (Dishonesty will impact the difficulty of transition to department of choice): I spend a long time within the SD and have no desire to return. I (David Saltsider), hereby authorize Erie County Fire and EMS to conduct a criminal background and DMV check. In connection with this, I also authorize the use of the Erie County Sheriff's Department to assist the Erie County Fire and EMS in collecting and verifying such information. I am also aware that records of arrests on pending charges and/or convictions are not an absolute bar to employment, as it is at the discretion of the EMS command.
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    thx man now it's just the time to play on teh server and create the story
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    https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-player-current-weapon-drop/9644 from what I read it isn't permanent unless the system that synchronises your guns to the database is changed in some way from stock gun shops. Dunno how the system on here works either, though. A dev would probably need to look into it. As it stands, it is a nice feature to drop a gun when told by a robber/police officer.
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    Perhaps a police "trade-in" stand somewhere that strips you of all your weapons and gives you some laughably small compensation.
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    Here is another good one, but I can't find a working download link to it:
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    Type of request: Game If Game: Vehicle Feature Description of request: Add working serverside indicators that are able to be seen by all players. Small addition, but adds to the atmosphere. If applicable, link to public release: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-turn-signals-indicators-server-sided/3035 If from non-public release, here's screenshot to written permission: N/A How would this mechanic be implemented? Download and install, I presume Would you be able to assist in its implementation? Probably not. I'd be willing to test it, however. Has this ever been done before in GTA? Most likely? Please post prior version link, if applicable: N/A I understand that OrgoByte does not steal content and the information above does not pertain to stealing another author's content: Daniel Sanders
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    If you want to do the taxi job go to the car shop, there is a taxi under the 'Other' tab.
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    I found it by accident last night. The hospital with the interior is by Maze Bank. Unfortunately the server derped me into it last night and the interior didn't load all the way and I fell thru the map. Also am I missing something or is there not proper EMS/FIrefighter model/clothes?
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    We need to add a speedometer, blinkers, radar (for cops) to cars. We also need to add a command to rob people who are on the street using something like /stealcash. You should make it so the numbers are not there they get really annoying because they are in such a large text font. Thats what I would like to see implemented.
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    No thank you. You're a miserable person and the EMS department doesn't need that right now. Thanks
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    RP Name: Mark Queen Date of Birth: 5th of July How long have you been a member of OrgoByte? - Couple of months I reckon What languages/syntaxes are you familiar with? Software Engineering (C# / C++), ArmA Coding (SQF), Web Development both Front and Back end including frameworks and libraries, also a bit of graphic design. What is your experience with Arma 3 scripting? Few years. What other development experience do you have? Head dev and Project lead on ArmaNetwork, Head Developer on Inferno Gaming, Founder of BlackwingGaming. Are you currently involved in other mods where you are developing or are you member of similar communities? A mod, yes. Why do you want to be a part of our development team? Realistic RP. Can you post some examples of your work? Not quite. Do you understand that the development team is a voluntary position and you should not expect to be paid? Sure. Do you understand that creating content for this community gives OrgoByte full rights to use that content and that you're ineligible to revoke our permission to use said content unless used illegally? Yes. Do you understand that you have to be a civilian for at least a month before applying? Don't see a point in that.