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  2. Post your steam usernames

  3. Post your steam usernames

  4. Post your steam usernames

  5. Post your steam usernames

  6. Well... are we done?

    Ill be at A3PL
  7. Post your steam usernames

  8. Post your steam usernames

  9. Post your steam usernames

  10. Post your steam usernames

    Self explanitory will add everyone who posts here... Mine is: ~Omerta Don~ Mayonaise
  11. Post some of your good memories!

    i got this! https://imgur.com/a/torff I got way more then this, but i figured to not fill up a entire book with pictures about me flying around It was fun guys!
  12. Post some of your good memories!

    farewell OrgoByte. Sad I missed the end, but so many good memories. I hope to play with you all again, as I've never had a bad memory. First RP community I ever joined and I loved the hell out of it and all you guys!
  13. Post some of your good memories!

  14. Post some of your good memories!

    Beating @Tony Ace the first time in checkers, him running off and refusing to pay me the $5000, and Craig and I beating the crap out of him. We all got suspended for it. Then playing Tony again in checkers and winning like 400k off of him. So many great memories and I had a lot of fun with a lot of the people in this community.
  15. How long till site goes down?

    When the subscription runs out, I've talked with andy and he said it's unlikely for revival May Erie County Rest In Peace
  16. How long till site goes down?

    Since there is no talk about the community being revived I was wondering: How long till the site goes down?
  17. Post some of your good memories!

    https://gyazo.com/58879f2f6cb40096b234b8cc33f7217e This was the first house i bought and lets just say i wanted character in it xD. https://gyazo.com/7685cfecd6954fb4945451a724acc48f ERU saluting some dead deputies. https://gyazo.com/798471ab2ab14c9e94b5580e289fc80f A 10-80 that ended under the bridge https://gyazo.com/75e63ab47393dd61679eaa3a97d3900f @Randall Marcus arriving at the prison https://gyazo.com/f0a63e89c4acb5189a470198c326e5b7 Det. turner being handed into the marines https://gyazo.com/0e97391c96fb098b0fade7053bdb1dcb me and @Randall Marcus doing some jumps on dirt bikes xD https://gyazo.com/530f7c6aa181ac1a208bc65dd91493dc @Bridget Sommer showing us that there are no barriers where a car shouldn't hit https://gyazo.com/fc49e5d81100311c4a1c90b75dd8268c A community meeting where things got interesting xD I had a lot more but i didn't wanna make a spam post. I had a lot of great rp moments here , all that i will remember. From the time i took @Axel Stark and some other deputies for a ride around the training course , which didn't end so good ... xD to the time i use to take people sky diving which also didn't end up too well it seems that every time i played i had a memorable moment be made. A lot of great times with some great friends who i hope to keep for a long time. Was fun guys <3
  18. Post some of your good memories!

    Hey Everyone, i decided to make this thread purely to remember the good time in orgo, so go ahead and post some of your good memories you've had! Damnit Duffy..... #Demtittiestho The EMS Mobile Field Hospital
  19. Well... are we done?

    Its never a goodbye.
  20. Well... are we done?

    What rp community are yall looking to move on to? Will orgobyte ever resurface or is this totally kapish?
  21. What a Ride!

    Well shit, seeya around.
  22. What a Ride!

    Can I at least get back from training before y'all shutdown? But seriously though tons of fun I'm gonna miss it.
  23. What a Ride!

    Hold on.... The server is done?
  24. What a Ride!

    Goodbye to you all. This was the best RP server I have ever had the honour to play and I hope that you are all happy moving forward through life
  25. What a Ride!

    Farewell everyone, hope to see you all another time. Its been a hell of a ride. See you guys soon!
  26. What a Ride!

    I was only here for about a year, but it feels like an eternity! I believe during my tenure here that I only met a fraction of the administration that made it happen. Andy, Stephen, and all of the staff along the way, thank you all very much for your vision, hard work, hours and dollars spent building this up, and time spent with us. You all can say that you truly did do something unique and, as the forum states, 10,000+ people bought into that vision. While not all people "made the cut," that goes to show how many people you inspired, and I'm sure your inspiration will continue on through us. I, for one, can say that my standards for Arma RP will never be the same after my time spent here. After spending countless hours dealing with the community, map, mods, and glitches, I hope you look forward to some well-deserved rest. You've certainly earned it! To the community, I owe a thank you to all of you as well. You gave me my experience here, and I have met some pretty awesome people along the way. Thank you for the creative RP that was at times everything from seriously emotional to laughably goofy. I hope that you all had as great of an experience here as I did. Anyone who wants to be sure to keep in touch, please let me know, and we can make sure that we swap Steam names.
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