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  3. Jack Duffy - TeamSpeak Tag Request

  4. Cole Lombardi - TeamSpeak Tag Removal

  5. Jack Mickelson - Teamspeak Tag Request

  6. John Sherpard- Forum Tag Request Form Roleplay Name

    I can confirm that he has passed his interview and is now a special deputy. Not sure why, but that link isn't working.
  7. Roleplay Name:John Sherpard Tags Needed:LEO Tags Reason/Proof for Tag:
  8. Jack Mickelson - Teamspeak Tag Request

    Name: Jack Mickelson TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: ECAA Reason: Recently hired Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable):
  9. Cole Lombardi - TeamSpeak Tag Removal

    Name: Cole Lombardi TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: I no longer work at Kelly's. Please remove that tag. Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable):
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  11. 2.2.2

    User Interface - Changed the hover, active and inactive properties of the change log list to make it easier to tell which one you are currently viewing and which one you are hovering over
  12. I'll be offline from the server maybe a few days to a week, going to work on a new PC to improve my stream. Anything but this iMac, I'll be on TS and here on the forums if anyone needs to contact me.

  13. Best Looking Cruiser

    Some of these look real nice.
  14. Best Looking Cruiser

    For the LEO's and everyone else, I received this in my email today. It is the annual American Association of State Troopers' "Best Looking Cruiser contest". https://www.facebook.com/StateTroopers/photos/ms.c.eJxFUkkORFEEvFHHM7v~;xTqfKNuKmvCcMygfBxN7yO8NEEEmVsoLqEh6CdUCj8nEiWIB8dbQnQirptSKhtY3EeJL4dculQtkfBR2W0pGuwhDlL4JJQRjaVs~;IBqwhO1QHibCpxyC5UQvRC8bgBaQFg2FaAxAiK7TJW6iOrpCQ2U0kEPGxejKNcWRQ3yiOzR4gKVkzcbMkGNEYVv0PsBSV8PHxc4lR1RxW53bQtSpRRl3qSnHiO6dQxIU0gZuYzqicUnnP0jOpbsUjh1vVph3uZ4IP0pv~;bpEd5HQu20DjhV6Tv2HrWffhfHJxi3qAGh~_LPkPKOOlzA~-~-.bps.a.1628706990536120.1073741848.145952212144946/1628707437202742/?type=3&theater
  15. Jack Duffy - TeamSpeak Tag Request

    I don't know who this man is or why he thinks he works for me. Jokes aside, yes @Jack Duffy is an employee of Erie County Motorsports & part of the Event Team.
  16. Jack Duffy - TeamSpeak Tag Request

    @Jack Duffy is an employee of the Black Diamond Casino.
  17. Name: Jack Duffy TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: Black Diamond Casino, Erie County Motor Sports, Event Team Reason: I wiped my computer and lost all my tags Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable): no screenshot sadly but I can get confirmation by @Jackson Smiley @Hank Marston that I do indeed work for them. As for the Event Team tag, previous posts in the slack should attest to me being part of it.
  18. Kalix Quinn - TS Tag Request

    The next time you're in TS, please seek out an admin+ for your tags and permissions. Thanks, AS
  19. Andrew Quincey - TS tag request

    Tag has been added. AS
  20. Mr. Sherpard, Thank you for expressing an interest back with the Erie County Sheriff's Department. Your reinstatement application has be approved. The next step for your reinstatement is a meeting with members of the command staff. Please contact my office, to get your interview set up. Kind regards, Captain John Strich
  21. Name:John Sherpard Age:33 Email Address (gmail account):[email protected] Past rank: Deputy Have you had any criminal conviction within the past 3 weeks?:No Why did you leave the department?:The server was shut down for sometimes,Due to improved the player experience in the community. Why do you want to re-join the department?(100 words min.):I am energetic, but at the same time professional, and a disciplined person. I have a strong conscience meaning I have a distinct knowledge between right and wrong. I have good ( or excellent ) interpersonal skills and can defuse situations before it escalates where use of force is required.Excellent observational skills with an eye for detail. I can read body language and sense the general mood of a group of people. I am not afraid of enforcing rules and regulations nor do I hold myself above our own rules. I am an excellent team player who follows the orders of the day plus orders from my superiors without delay or hesitation Why should we allow you to return to the department?(100 words min.):I have overcome many things in life as a man and I feel as though I can share my experience, strength and hope with other Deputies making them better at their job and also I have been proven to have a cool head during very stressful situations and promise that I can apply that same level headedness while serving the department. I believe these are some of the most important attributes I can provide being a ex real life sheriff's deputy (Professionalism, Integrity,respect and fairness). On top of these I also earned an associates degree in Law-Enforcement, which is another testament to my preparedness towards Joining the Sheriff's Office. Personally I can communicate well with other people and am not afraid to share my mind. Please paste the link to your past application: I, John Sherpard, agree that if reinstated I will be on a 14 day parole period with no chance of promotions and my employment can be terminated without notice. I agree that if I am terminated or resign I will not be reinstated into the department again, no matter the reason for leaving or the reason for termination.
  22. Kalix Quinn - TS Tag Request

    Name: Kalix Quinn TeamSpeak Tag Requesting: Twitch and Business Owner for the Club Humanity channels. Reason: I'm the owner of Club Humanity & I will be streaming Orgo content. Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable):
  23. 2.2.1

    Theme Updated: Minor bug fixes Fixed an infinite horizontal scrollbar in IE and adjusted the responsive background image size. Sidebar is now smoother when scrolling in IE
  24. Andrew Quincey - TS tag request

    Roleplay Name: Andrew Quincey Tags Needed: Get Check'd Reason/Proof for Tag: Waiting for Forum Tags on Teamspeak is not a reason/proof. I was hired at get check'd by dave wingood the other day. http://prntscr.com/g4qos6

    Changed a few spam settings
  26. Kalix Quinn - Forum Tag Request Form

  27. Club Humanity Employees

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