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Making Union City Great Again!

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Axel Stark

Two years have passed and the citizens have fought hard to hold onto what is there’s. Kelley’s has been the home of so many and every encounter seems to only make them stronger. Strength derived from long time members of Erie County and new ones alike. Citizens have come together in the Island’s darkest hours and during the last 2 years they’ve doubled down on what they envisioned their home to resemble. Business owners have invested in new technologies and private landowners took a chance on buildings what they want for the future. It’s the start to the rehabilitation of the Erie Islands and attracting what they strive to harness, humanity. Union City has changed it’s face and brought gems out of ruins. New places to work, fresh smells to tickle their noses and a new place to call home.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Department has dug deep to get more funding to combat disasters like we saw destroy Union City just over 700 days ago. New training and new facilities to better ready themselves to protect the great citizens of this great county. They took it upon themselves to exhume all the remains of fallen comrades and citizens that were laid to rest in the land damaged by aircraft that fell from sky that historic day. A day that will live in our minds forever but a stepping stone to what made a vessel of people so much stronger. Now Erie County has a beautiful remembrance area for the past and those that will fall from this day forward.


Erie County Sheriff's Department Debriefing: