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      Fairwell Old Friend   09/13/2017

        After the last contractors from the Dartmouth project left, the Erie Island’s economy has fell into disarray. Many citizens have left because there wasn’t enough good paying jobs to stay. The buildings that were just built have been beaten by the winds and jet fuel. The engineers never thought this kind of thing would ever happen. Earthquakes started last evening and has turned Union City into rubble. Tears from the remaining town folk is all that heard as they get on the ships headed into the sea. What was once a home for many is now just a disappearing island in the rearview mirror of the rescue boats.   A dark smoke has began to creep from Mars Hill and the dry grounds have began to crack as the summer drought drew longer than expected. The cracks have grown in size over the last 24 hours while rescue personnel from the Erie County Medical stated that there was a tremendous amount of heat coming from the gaping holes.   The newly positioned Commissioner of Urban Development, Andino Mitrell, was seen being pulled onto a rescue boat by none other than Sheriff Axel Stark. A giant container ship with the words OrgoByte on the side was pulling anchor. A well dressed man boarding the ship sharing the resemblance of Stephanos Fabio was packing the last bit of servers from the datacenter in Oceanside. ECAA helicopters were seen circling the air for any remaining citizens that might need assistance to the rescue boats.Tupua Kemoeatu yelled from one end of the beach to the other. With his marine experience he had spent some time managing the boats in and out of Thunder Bay for the rescue teams.   Many have given their blood, sweat and lives for what they believed in here on Kelley’s Island. A new journey will begin for many but an era of memories and unforgettable camaraderie will end today.   Kelley’s Island you will never be forgotten. We will use everything we learned from you to be better people somewhere else in this cruel world.


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