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    • Andino Mitrell

      GTAV RP: OrgoByte Official Server   06/09/2017

      It's been long enough and most everyone knows by now, the GTAV RP server is here to stay. I hope everyone enjoys this as a secondary place to come roleplay here on OrgoByte. Arma 3 is our primary goal and we'll be continuing to update Humanity through the summer. If you're unaware stop on over at the GTAV RP forum for more information: https://www.orgobyte.com/forum/forum/358-rules-important-information/ Hope you all enjoy your summer and have fun!
    • Axel Stark

      Making Union City Great Again!   04/08/2017

      Two years have passed and the citizens have fought hard to hold onto what is there’s. Kelley’s has been the home of so many and every encounter seems to only make them stronger. Strength derived from long time members of Erie County and new ones alike. Citizens have come together in the Island’s darkest hours and during the last 2 years they’ve doubled down on what they envisioned their home to resemble. Business owners have invested in new technologies and private landowners took a chance on buildings what they want for the future. It’s the start to the rehabilitation of the Erie Islands and attracting what they strive to harness, humanity. Union City has changed it’s face and brought gems out of ruins. New places to work, fresh smells to tickle their noses and a new place to call home.
      The Erie County Sheriff’s Department has dug deep to get more funding to combat disasters like we saw destroy Union City just over 700 days ago. New training and new facilities to better ready themselves to protect the great citizens of this great county. They took it upon themselves to exhume all the remains of fallen comrades and citizens that were laid to rest in the land damaged by aircraft that fell from sky that historic day. A day that will live in our minds forever but a stepping stone to what made a vessel of people so much stronger. Now Erie County has a beautiful remembrance area for the past and those that will fall from this day forward.   Erie County Sheriff's Department Debriefing:  
    • Andino Mitrell

      Arma 3: New requirements   04/01/2017

      Good morning, I can assure you this is not an April Fool's joke so let's get passed that first. Over the last week we've been in the final stages of testing for the new map update. As you know Bohemia recently updated and gave developers Apex objects to help create their maps. Unfortunately they held out on some very important pieces to that, buildings and vegetation. We took a strawpoll and saw that nearly 75% of the current player base is ok with us switching to an Apex requirement to play here. I've talked with outside admins with other networks as they're doing the same in the milsim world as well as some RP communities striving for new development. We want to think ahead and with the development roadmap from Bohemia we think it's in our best interest at this time to require Apex to play here. We've started a thread to help veteran players that can't afford it be able to play along with us. New players will be asked at the beginning of their application process that they are aware that its required to play here. Attempting to play here without Apex will cause  you grave problems that can't be avoided with this new update. We hope you all understand that this is for the betterment of the community and the immersion of elite roleplay that we strive for. We are pushing for a release next week and hope you'll join us to unveil NEW Union City and other new cities. When the sun goes down and the new update is applied it will signify 2 years in passing.  Best Regards, OrgoByte  Development


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    • I can't believe my luck! I won the Checkers Tournament and obtained some nice moolah! Looks like it will be easier to help run a business now! hehe! I've gotten quite a bit of footage, but it's been so hard to edit all together into something.....what's it called...creator block? I don't know but what I do know is I've been enjoying my relaxation here. I hope everything keeps running smoothly! However I am a bit worried, I saw people beat a man to death...and recorded!? What sick twisted place did I enter? But maybe it was a rare occasion I mean I don't see other situations like that. They did try to take over their island.....well when in Rome hehe....

                                              Password required: [________] Password Granted: √
      [SECRET PERSONAL FILES IN CASE OF BREACH IN JOURNAL SECURITY] A coup? Now that was interesting to see....looks like this strange place doesn't have a stable of government or stable police force as I thought. Sure they pushed them back but.....these people are still strange to me. I've gotten myself into a good position but it looks like things are dieing down. Good. If no more bullshit occurs then maybe I can live here in peace....plus, it was satisfying  winning that tournament, especially against a certain someone. Now I know how most of them think, the only question is will I need to use it...? [Encryption key active| Locking Personal Files]
    • Name:Andrew Quincey TeamSpeak Tag Requesting:$100+ club Reason: I just bought the $150 business package Proof (Link to post or screenshot is acceptable): https://prnt.sc/fnm05o  Like this  
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